How to plant and grow a walnut tree?

How to plant and grow a walnut tree?

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Garden - this is a separate small lawn in your garden for delicious and sweet berries, fruits and other fruits. Therefore, be sure to plant healthy and tasty berries in your garden that will delight both your children and grandchildren, and your garden.

One of these beautiful and beautiful trees is Walnut - it is in perfect harmony next to a country house or summer cottage. Its only drawback will be its excessive great appearance and great growth. Therefore, if you decide to plant a walnut tree, then you will need a lot of space, but it's worth it.

The method of growing and planting is quite simple - the most important thing is the choice of the territory, because at first the tree will be small in size, but it grows quickly, so choose its place for it, as well as the land.

The optimal time for planting it will be mid-April - early May. There are many varieties, so the choice is yours. The main aspects when landing:

  1. dig a hole 50 centimeters deep and about 50-70 centimeters in diameter;
  2. then fill it with a top layer of earth mixed with humus and plant a seedling.

Walnut tree quite moisture-loving and thermophilic, so you need to plant in the southern side of your site, and also water abundantly, despite the fact that it will rain. Care for him needs careful and weekly, because the tree is capricious and is often attacked by various fungi and bacteria.

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