Growing tomatoes at home

Growing tomatoes at home

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Not all townspeople have relatives in the village or their own summer cottage, however, not everyone wants and can work a lot and seriously in the vegetable beds. The way out of this ambiguous situation is simple: growing tomatoes at home will provide you with just such healthy and tasty vegetables.

How to choose tomatoes for home beds?

Tomato varieties familiar to summer residents are not very suitable for home beds. Ground tomatoes have a strong root system, which means they need space. By limiting such plants to a small volume of soil, it is impossible to ensure their full development. For those who plan to grow tomatoes at home, dwarf varieties are suitable - "Japanese room", "Ruby", charming "Bonsai", reminiscent of a small tree on which "love apples" grow (this is what the translation of "tomato" sounds like). For those who are interested not only in the result - a good harvest, but also in aesthetics, the Tumbler variety, which must be grown in a hanging planter, is suitable. Beautifully hanging long shoots of ampelous tomatoes are very beautiful, especially during the fruiting period, when they are covered with numerous bright red tomatoes resembling a bunch of grapes.

How to care for home beds?

Tomatoes are very light-loving plants. With insufficient illumination, a completely prosperous bush can wither away. It is best to grow tomatoes at home in a well-ventilated room at a temperature of 23-25 ​​°. It is necessary to water the tomatoes once or twice a week, but quite abundantly. Tomatoes should not be too hot and damp - in such conditions, they quickly rot and die. The morning hours are ideal for watering the tomato. In addition, even "home" tomatoes need pinching, loosening and hilling.

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