Gymnosperm pumpkin - a real find for lovers of seeds

Gymnosperm pumpkin - a real find for lovers of seeds

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The development of modern breeding makes it possible to obtain such varieties of vegetables and fruits that would meet the needs of consumers. A name of the sort like gymnosperm pumpkin, speaks for itself. The seeds of this pumpkin are not skinned.

Lovers of pumpkin seeds, which are a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, need time and patience to peel the pumpkin seeds. For them, gymnosperm pumpkin is a real find. It is, of course, not as sweet as others, but its main advantage is its seeds, which do not need to be peeled.

The soil to grow such a pumpkin, there must be nutritious and rich in humus... Seedlings, which are a month old, are planted in open ground around the end of May. For planting, you need to prepare rather large holes, into which you add 5-7 kg of manure, adding 8-10 grams of urea, 5-10 grams of potassium chloride and 40-60 grams of superphosphate. This will allow you not to worry about feeding the entire vegetative period.

During the period of growth, it is imperative loosen the soil, in dry weather to water... The seeds are warmed up for several hours before sowing in the ground, then they are soaked and, after pecking, they are sown in holes to a depth of 3-4 cm. It is recommended to pinch the main stem after 4 leaves. Ripe fruits can be stored throughout the winter, but not in a damp room, as the seeds inside the pumpkin can germinate.

The pulp of gymnosperm pumpkin is inferior in taste to other varieties, but after all its main advantage are seeds that contain over 50% healthy fats. In some countries, they even get delicious vegetable oil from them.

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