Growing radish

Radish refers to early maturing and cold-resistant crops. Growing radish can be carried out in open soil or under a film.

For radish use well-drained and fertile soil... It is advisable to choose a landing place sunny and open... They start sowing radishes from mid-April. The seeds need to be soaked in water for a while. Seeds are sown in rows, the depth should be up to 2 centimeters... The furrow spacing should be about 10 centimeters. Before planting radishes, it is advisable to pre-wate the soil and fertilize in advance. For radish use humus, peat, mineral fertilizers... Potash fertilizers and ash are not used to prevent shooting. Early crops are covered with foil to protect against low temperatures.

After the appearance of the first leaves, seedlings need thin out, remove weak plants, leaving a distance of about 3 centimeters between them. Radish is very picky about watering, especially during the formation of a root crop. With a lack of moisture, the plant shoots arrows, and the root crop may not form. Radish also needs periodic loosening and hilling... Feed the plant organic fertilizers. Radish ripens in about 25 days... Cleaning must be done on time so that the roots do not become rough, and the plant does not start up arrows.

Growing radishes is not particularly difficult. It is important not to allow thickening of crops and maintain sufficient soil moisture. If you follow and follow these simple guidelines, you can get an excellent radish yield.

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