How is forest strawberry different from garden strawberry?

How is forest strawberry different from garden strawberry?

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Forest strawberry Is a close relative of wild strawberries. Except that her flower petals are slightly larger, and the fruit does not have a uniform red color... It turns white to the tip and it is difficult to separate it without tearing off part of the stem.

Habitat this plant is Europe and Central Asia. The earliest memories of strawberries date back to antiquity. Already in those days, they feasted on it, as a real masterpiece created by nature. Until now, the alluring smell of strawberries and strawberries attracts people. to the hillsides and forest edges, in search of the cherished berry.

The yield of this type of strawberry is lower than that of the garden one. But this fact compensates for it beneficial features... There are several types of sugars and pectins, organic acids and trace elements. Forest strawberry - a real storehouse of vitamin C. It is widely used in dietetics and cosmetology. It is low in calories, and at the same time insanely delicious.

Traditional medicine also uses the healing composition of this culture. Infusions of leaves and fruits are used as diaphoretic and diuretic, for anemia and colds. If you want to preserve more useful properties, harvest strawberries for the winter with the stalk.

Interesting fact

What we used to call the "berry" of the forest strawberry is actually just a red overgrown receptacle. And the fruits of the plant are little brown nuts on it.

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