Is it possible to grow Yalta onions outside the Crimea?

Is it possible to grow Yalta onions outside the Crimea?

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Yalta onion, which domestic gourmets discovered quite recently, just a few decades ago, got its name for a reason: this vegetable really grows only in a few villages on the southern coast of Crimea, located near Yalta. Or rather, it is possible to grow a vegetable with proper care, by and large, in other regions, but in this case it is guaranteed its specific sweet taste will disappear, for which this onion variety is valued the most. As a result, Yalta onions not grown in Crimea will turn out to be the most common red onions.

This crop is extremely demanding on growing conditions, in particular, on the fertility of the land. Therefore, in order to get a good harvest in early spring, the site must be well fertilized: add a sufficient amount of ammonium nitrate and potassium salt. Planting onion seedlings, which by the time they are placed in the soil, should have at least 3-4 well-developed leaves, should be at the end of April. The roots of each onion are dipped in a dung-clay mash and placed in a hole, well pressing the earth around. Plants should not be placed too densely: between the bulbs in a row should be 8-10 centimeters, and between the rows - 20-25 centimeters.

Further care for the Yalta onion consists in watering it regularly (note that they should be very frequent and abundant, since this onion variety is in dire need of a sufficient amount of moisture), loosening the soil and killing weeds. Harvesting is carried out quite late - at the end of June, after lodging of plant leaves.

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