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Fertilizers for tomatoes you can do it yourself, or you can buy ready-made ones.

The main thing in the subcortex of tomatoes - the choice of the right fertilizer for tomatoes: in no case do not over-fertilize them with manure, chicken droppings, mineral nitrogen fertilizers, you need to give phosphorus-potassium fertilizers, ash and potassium sulfate.

When growing tomatoes, it is necessary to take into account several factors, or rather to remember some "not allowed":

- you can not grow plants in oily, overly fertilized soil with organic matter;

- bird droppings and manure should not be placed in the holes for tomatoes, as they will cause the plants to go into greenery, and not into fruits;

- you cannot fertilize tomatoes with a mullein more than three times a season;

- you cannot put urea under the plants, you can spray it only once at the beginning of the growing season;

- you cannot plant different varieties of tomatoes next to each other, it is better to choose one and grow it, also you should not plant plants in the shade and too densely;

- do not pour tomatoes with water, this will interfere with the supply of oxygen to the roots;

- you can not plant tomatoes at soil level, the best would be planting on high beds;

- fertilizers must not be changed. It is necessary to opt for one complex mineral fertilizer and use it together with organic matter in a strictly defined amount. And always consider soil conditions before purchasing fertilizer.

1st feeding it is better to carry out in early June, under each bush you need to add one liter of fertilizer mixture (add 1/2 liter of mullein, a tablespoon of nitrophoska, two tablets of micronutrient fertilizers and 1/2 teaspoon of boric acid to ten liters of water).

2nd feeding it is advisable in early July, under each bush, add a liter of the fertilizer mixture made (add 1/2 liter of mullein, a tablespoon of potassium sulfate and 2 tablets of micronutrient fertilizers to 10 liters of water).

After the second half of July, feeding tomatoes should be stopped.

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