Dredge and its cultivation

Dredge and its cultivation

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Dredge is a hybrid of forest strawberries and wild strawberries. Therefore, if the cultivation of strawberries is familiar to you, then the earthworm will easily grow on your site and will delight you with ripe fragrant fruits.

First of all, take care of the soil. It should be either slightly acidic or neutral in terms of pH. As for the mechanical composition, give preference to light soils.

Sandworm grows well after dill, parsley, garlic and legumes. In no case should it be planted after tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage and cucumbers.

If you want to get berries with large fruits, then the earthworm Diana, Raisa, Report, Strawberry will suit you. In general, all varieties are characterized by increased winter hardiness. They are practically not affected by gray mold and powdery mildew.

So that the harvest does not decrease every year, try to remove the creeping loops annually. You will see the first berries after planting the dredger in early July.

Care for strawberries and its hybrids consists in good lighting, providing fertile soil, and constant watering.

By the way, the strawberry berries are rich in vitamins and various microelements. It is useful to eat them with high blood pressure, arthritis, gout, rheumatism and cardiovascular diseases. You can make jam for the winter. If you prefer fruits and berries only in their fresh natural form, then the fruits of the earthworm can be frozen for the winter - they will not lose their vitamins and original aroma.

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