Strawberry raspberry - a mysterious plant

Strawberry raspberry - a mysterious plant

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Over the past few years, gardeners have happily begun to grow a rather unusual plant, strawberry spinach, or in another way spinach-raspberries, or as it is also called strawberry raspberries. Some amateur gardeners willingly grow it in flower beds as an ornamental, while others are of the opinion that strawberry raspberry is a green vegetable crop. And it was grown for a long time, the name was multi-leaved Marya or many-sided Marya. There is also an opinion that the modern plant is a hybrid of spinach and raspberries or strawberries, created by foreign breeders.

Wild strawberry spinach or strawberry raspberry is found in southern Europe, the Mediterranean coast of Asia and North Africa. The plant is distinguished by bright edible leaves and bright attractive berries, reminiscent of both raspberries and strawberries. True, neither the taste nor the smell of berries is similar to the raspberry or strawberry we are used to.

Strawberry spinach is an annual plant, it belongs to vegetable crops. It belongs to the swan family and at the first stage of its development is very similar to the swan. The unpretentiousness of the plant and its resistance to low temperatures are surprising. The normal development of a plant does not require high-quality soils, it does not need severe droughts and heat for anything.

Gardens that grow strawberry raspberries usually cultivate Strawberry Sticks, there are no domestic varieties yet. The plant can be attributed to early ripening crops, strawberry raspberries are practically not susceptible to diseases and are not afraid of insect pests. You can start sowing seeds in the ground as soon as the snow melts, it is also recommended to plant seedlings for an earlier harvest. You can successfully grow a plant in a room on a windowsill or on a balcony.

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