The most common types of onions

The most common types of onions

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Probably, every day we use onions for cooking, and in the summer, leeks also come to "help" him. Meanwhile, the family of this plant includes an simply unimaginable number of species - more than 320 - of which six are most common in our gardens.

The most popular and used in literally every second culinary dish, onions have a huge variety of varieties. For example, red and Spanish onions, which, due to their sweetish taste, are well suited for salads, and yellow onions, which are best suited for long-term storage. A close relative of onions is shallots, which have a sweetish delicate taste and are an integral part of French cuisine, in particular, all kinds of dressings and sauces. This type of vegetable is also indispensable for cooking goulash and many meat dishes, but it has one serious drawback - shallot bulbs are very difficult to peel off.

Ordinary green onions, or the so-called salad onions, are nothing more than unripe onions, which are harvested when the bulb is still underdeveloped and the feathers are very young. The main feature of this type of onion is the dependence of the taste on the color of the feathers (the darker the greens, the richer and more pungent the aroma and taste). However, a brightly grown onion flavor with a characteristic bitterness is not always appropriate, so for a number of dishes, especially light salads, it is better to use leek or chives, which have the mildest taste.

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