How should planting and caring for cucumbers

 How should planting and caring for cucumbers

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Planting and caring for cucumbers is also important for a good harvest. And if you do not have the opportunity to grow seedlings on your own, then to acquire high-quality seedlings, you need to take into account a few simple rules.

Good seedling rules
● Uniform, intense green color of the leaves;
● No insect pests, as well as the complete absence of signs of their attacks;
● The total volume of leaves should be much larger than the volume of the stem;
● Cucumber seedlings should have 2-4 true leaves, and only for careful planting under a shelter or in a greenhouse, you can choose seedlings with 5-7 leaves.

Cucumber care rules

  • Both planting and caring for cucumbers require sufficient water. Water the cucumbers once every 2 days with water warmed in the sun, approximately 1-3 liters per plant. But excess moisture leads to the death of the roots, and can contribute to the appearance of pests and the development of diseases of the cucumber.
  • Watering must be alternated with loosening the soil. By the way, loosening for cucumbers is even more useful than watering itself. You need to loosen the soil very carefully, since cucumbers have a superficial root system. The best way is to stick garden forks into the ground and remove them immediately.
  • Another effective method of caring for cucumbers is mulching cucumber beds. Mulching is covering the soil between rows with sawdust, peat, harsh straw, manure, plastic wrap.
  • To attract bees, honey plants are planted near the cucumber beds or so-called baits are placed. It is very simple to make a bait for bees - a saucer or a stick smeared with something sweet is placed next to the garden bed. This will attract bees and other insects, which means that the pollination of cucumbers is improved.

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