Precursors of cucumbers. What kind of culture?

Precursors of cucumbers. What kind of culture?

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Who doesn't love this crispy pimpled vegetable with such a fresh and upbeat green color? I think, with a few exceptions, everyone will be happy to taste a young cucumber, especially if it is grown in their own garden, and not bought in a store or at the market.

In order for the cucumber beds to reward you with abundant fruiting, it is necessary to provide plants not only with favorable conditions for growth and development, but also to find out which vegetables, berry crops or greens - the precursors of cucumbers - will help you achieve this. Perhaps you haven’t thought about such an important aspect of the neighborhood and the change of cultures in the same beds, but in vain.

It is known that cucumbers require a well-cultivated soil with a neutral pH level, which contains a sufficient amount of humus. If you choose beds with heavy soil for cucumbers, then you will wait for the harvest much longer, the plants will develop more slowly.

If your site has acidic soil, then the situation will be saved by the introduction of lime to lower the acidity for those crops that grew in the garden before cucumbers. I advise you to choose leeks, ordinary onions, celery, potatoes, tomatoes and late varieties of legumes, such as beans, as predecessors for cucumber seedlings.

Do not forget that it is necessary to change vegetable or berry crops in the beds every 3-4 years, then the soil will not be depleted from growing the same type of crop.

I hope that the cucumber predecessors described above grow in your garden, therefore, you will not have any special problems planting cucumber seedlings on the "correct" bed, and you will enjoy a rich harvest of crispy cucumbers!

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