Top dressing of cucumbers in a personal plot

Cucumber is a rather capricious gardener. And timely feeding of cucumbers contributes to a good harvest.

Cucumbers require increased nutrition, they love humus and compost, they even tolerate fresh manure well, which cannot be said about other vegetable crops. Chlorinated water, potassium and ammonium chloride are contraindicated for them.

The first feeding of cucumbers is carried out in the phase of the third or fourth leaf using a mullein solution in a ratio of 1 to 10, or bird droppings (1 to 20).

The second feeding of cucumbers is done in the flowering phase. For 10 liters of water, 60 grams of nitrophoska or ammophos is required. At the same time, it is good to carry out foliar feeding, that is, spray it superficially with a solution of such trace elements as manganese, zinc, boron and copper, taken 1 gram per bucket of water (potassium permanganate, zinc sulfate, boric acid and copper sulfate).

In general, much depends on the age and appearance of the plants. Of course, in appearance, it is not always possible to correctly determine which element they need. In order not to harm the plantings, you can first feed 2-3 control bushes, and after a few days, if the result is good, the rest of the plants.

Everyone knows that a large amount of nutrients is needed to form a good harvest, but a cucumber cannot stand their excessive concentration. Therefore, small but frequent doses are needed. And yet - it is better not to feed the cucumbers than to overfeed.

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