Allergy to tomatoes - looking for a way out

Allergy to tomatoes - looking for a way out

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Food allergy is the most common disease of humanity in the modern period. There is an opinion that it is the red pigment of vegetables and fruits that bears the reasons for its occurrence: raspberries, strawberries, beets, red peppers, carrots and tomatoes.


  • Diversity of cultures and their types
  • What can cause allergic reactions
  • Symptoms of allergic reactions
  • The need to see a doctor
  • Treating food allergies

Diversity of cultures and their types

Tomatoes, or tomatoes, at the very beginning of their history, were an ornamental plant. And only after more than a dozen years they entered the human diet as a product endowed with dietary qualities, rich in organic acids and an extensive vitamin complex. Today tomato is one of the most cultivated vegetables on the planet.

Thanks to breeding work, many varieties of tomatoes of various uses have been bred: from salad to curing with various colors of vegetables. Red, orange, yellow and especially popular in the middle lane are black tomatoes.

Unlike the red nightshade variety, the yellow and orange varieties have a fleshy flesh with a delicate texture, thin skin and little juice. They have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys and are less likely to cause allergic reactions. It is the yellow varieties of tomatoes, which have a large amount of water content in their structure, that are able to cleanse the intercellular space in the body. And, as a consequence, they are prescribed by nutritionists as a dietary product in case of allergies.

What can cause allergic reactions

Well, what if you still have an allergic reaction to vegetable food? The most allergenic of this group are beets, red bell peppers and varieties of red and black tomatoes. It is these products that are included in sauces, salads and soups, as the main human diet. For those who are prone to allergies, it is necessary to carefully select the composition of the dishes, and it is better to pass the test and identify the antigen that causes the body's hypersensitivity to one or another type of vegetable product.

As a rule, tomatoes of yellow and orange varieties practically do not cause allergic reactions. In their composition, there is practically no anthocyanin, which is a strong allergen, and is present in red vegetables, fruits and berries.

Yellow varieties of tomatoes are rich in vitamin A, which provides them with a yellow-orange color and healing properties. The healing properties of yellow varieties of tomatoes are credited with counteracting the occurrence of cancer of the bladder and prostate.

Symptoms of allergic reactions

The symptoms caused by the antigen of red vegetables, fruits and berries are very different, but still characteristic reactions are inherent in it. For example, edema, asthma cough, hives, and runny nose.

The onset of allergy symptoms is insignificant. A small rash appears, accompanied by slight scratching, turning into irrepressible itching. And edematous blisters form from the rash. The process is short-lived, which is why it is dangerous.

Some manifestations of respiratory allergy. It all starts with a harmless cough, which quickly develops into a suffocating cough, leading to laryngeal edema, the so-called allergic Quincke's edema.

The need to see a doctor

As a rule, allergic reactions to tomatoes are a consequence of a certain disease. This kind of intolerance to the product can lead to serious skin lesions, such as allergic dermatitis, or the respiratory system - chronic bronchial asthma.

Having noticed the first signs of food intolerance, it is necessary to contact specialized specialists: an allergist, endocrinologist and gastroenterologist. The tendency to allergies remains in the human body for life, and to what extent its manifestations will often be in the future depends on how soon you see a doctor and help your body.

Treating food allergies

Red tomato intolerance is treated like any other food allergy. Comprehensive treatment for manifestations of food allergies can only be prescribed by a doctor. And then, after research, to what type of antigen the allergic reaction follows. After that, the following is assigned:

  • Diet

It is based on the elimination of the allergen, and in this case red tomatoes, from the patient's diet. The composition of the dishes is carefully monitored. All kinds of derivatives are also excluded - tomato juice, sauces based on tomato paste, ketchup. Perhaps replace red tomatoes with yellow ones.

  • Medication treatment

Prescribed only by a doctor. Aimed at reducing symptoms and improving the condition. Most often, antihistamines and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed, as well as sorbents, antidiarrheals and antiemetics. As for the blockers that help relieve the allergic reactions of the body from the respiratory tract, it is strictly prescribed by a specialist, those who lead the patient and are familiar with the picture of the course of his disease.

  • Preventive methods of dealing with allergies

As a preventive measure, a fortifying complex of vitamins and macro and microelements is prescribed. They are based on calcium-containing preparations. Enterosgel is prescribed for periodic cleaning of the body. All of the above activities should be carried out under the strict supervision of a physician.

From what is stated above, we will try to draw two main conclusions.

In cases of manifestations of allergic reactions to food, you cannot take medications on your own without a doctor's prescription. Such a step may turn out to be unpredictable and lead to dire consequences. And the appointments made by the doctor should be taken in a strictly defined order.

Special attention should be paid to the appointment of a nutritionist. Listen to the words of the ancients: "Food can be a medicine, and it can serve as a poison" and make your choice. Desirable towards reason. Be healthy.

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