What is the difference between growing early potatoes from other varieties

What is the difference between growing early potatoes from other varieties

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Growing early potatoes on your site will make it possible to get a new crop of this vegetable at the beginning of summer. Potatoes of very early varieties can be harvested after 40-60 days, early ones - 60-70.

It is advisable to prepare the site for early potatoes in the fall. Namely, organic fertilizers should be applied and the earth should be dug up. A very important role for an early harvest is played by the choice of a place for a potato plot; it should be located in a sunny, well-ventilated and dried area.

The next step is the preparation of the planting material. To speed up the timing of the harvest, the potatoes need to be germinated. There are several ways: light germination (the tubers are germinated in the sun at a temperature of 12-15 degrees), combined - the tubers are placed in moistened peat or sawdust and brought out into the light. These methods germinate potatoes for an average of 25 - 30 days. Immediately before planting, the tubers are placed for an hour in a solution of ammonium nitrate and superphosphate, then sprinkled with ash.

In the spring, humus and mineral fertilizers are applied to the area under the potatoes. To form the root system, the tubers need warmth, so it is worth planting moderately warmed soil or under a special film. Potato sprouts should also be protected from freezing.
Otherwise, growing early potatoes does not differ from later varieties.

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