Strawberry Crown adapted to our cold weather

Strawberries are a very tasty and beautiful berry, and besides, they have a number of useful properties. Just imagine, 4 berries contain the same amount of vitamin C as a large orange!

Strawberry Crown is suitable for the climate of Russia. The berries are bright red in color and have a sweet and delicate flavor.

Strawberry care is standard.

In spring, the area with strawberries must be cleaned of old leaves and the aisles must be loosened. Loosen in the fall to a depth of 12 cm, in the spring - 8 cm, and directly around the plant - 3 cm. Once loose, you should feed the strawberries. It is better to use organic fertilizers for these purposes. At the end of April, feed a mullein, for 10 liters of water you need 0.5 liters of mullein and 2 tablespoons of wood ash. For good flowering, feed with mineral fertilizers, for 10 liters of water, 2 tablespoons of superphosphate and 3 tablespoons of wood ash are required. Special fertilizers and mixtures for berries are also produced.

To prevent undesirable consequences from unexpected freezing, strawberries should be covered with non-woven materials. It can be Agrotex or Agril. With such protection, the air temperature under protection rises by 2 - 3 degrees.

It is very important to ensure good watering. since the root system of strawberries is close to the surface. She especially needs watering during flowering and fruiting.

Whiskers are formed during the growing season. In the first year they must be removed, and in the second they can be used for reproduction.

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