How to store onions and how is a lofant useful?

How to store onions and how is a lofant useful?

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What kind of onions keep well until spring? We just can't keep the bulbs from growing in the boxes.

Onion varieties Mayak and Almadon can be considered champions in keeping quality. Both varieties are grown in one season from nigella.

A beautiful lofant - you will not object to anything. Why is it so valuable?

Lofant on the site purifies the air, saturates it with aroma. In addition, even a cut bouquet in the room brings order: it kills pathogenic microbes with its phytoncides.

It also attracts pollinating insects, and it is advisable to grow it near vegetable beds. As a medicinal plant, lofant helps to treat the respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, liver, and nervous disorders.

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