Germination of bean seeds in the soil. How to grow beans

Germination of bean seeds in the soil. How to grow beans

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Beans are important in many cuisines of the world, as they are among the 10 most useful products for human health. Many hobby gardeners grow beans as an addition to other crops.

Bean seeds germination occurs under certain conditions, which must be observed in order for the crop to please the gardener.

Preliminary preparation of beans for sowing is to soak them in warm water. With early sowing dates, this is very important. Bean seeds germinate best when placed in gauze pouches that are constantly moistened, but not so much that the beans float in the water. The main thing is that the fabric is always wet. Within a few days, the seeds will hatch, then they can already be planted in the ground.

The seeds are planted to a depth of about 3-4 cm, the optimal distance between the rows is 8-10 cm. Under the film, bean shoots appear and develop much faster, since there is a sufficient amount of moisture under it and the soil warms up faster. By the time the lateral shoots (lashes) begin to branch off the plants, the film can be completely removed.

Crops maintenance is simple. Periodic weeding, loosening and, if necessary, watering are required. During the period of intensive growth, it is advisable to apply liquid top dressing several times - it all depends on the soil conditions and the amount of fertilizer applied in preparation for sowing.

The crop is harvested as it ripens. Since the bush forms of beans ripen quite amicably, the entire crop can be harvested almost simultaneously.

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