Cherry plum varieties: choosing the best

Cherry plum varieties: choosing the best

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The success of cherry plum growing depends on the right variety. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account such qualities of the cherry plum variety as its winter hardiness, disease resistance, self-fertility, productivity, and the ripening period of the fruits.

The best known varieties of cherry plum today are as follows:

Traveler - is distinguished by the early ripening of fruits, excellent resistance to frost. Fruit weight is about 27 g.

Cleopatra - cherry plum of late ripening, has good winter hardiness, large fruits (weighing up to 37 g). The skin of the fruit is dark purple-red, the pulp is dense with a rich taste.

Gold of the Scythians - fruits weighing about 35 g ripen very early, the skin is bright yellow, the pulp is sweet, juicy and fragrant. A very productive variety with high frost resistance.

Sigma - average fruit ripening period, winter hardiness, coupled with good yield. 35-gram fruits are yellow in color and have a sweet and sour flesh.

Late comet is a variety with high winter hardiness and productivity. The fragrant pulp of a deep red color is enclosed in a dark red fruit weighing about 30 g.

Columnar - so named because of the narrow shape of the crown, the tree is very compact. The ripening period of the fruits is average, the yield is high. Differs in large dark red fruits weighing up to 40 g.

Ariadne is a very early and hardy variety. Fruits are large (30 g), bright red with fibrous juicy pulp.

Having made the right choice of cherry plum varieties in accordance with the growing conditions, climatic zone and your wishes about the timing of ripening, you will get high yields and excellent quality of fruits in your gardens.

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