Katran steppe or Crimean horseradish

Katran steppe or Crimean horseradish

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We received a letter from a reader in the mail. I heard that it has the same properties as ordinary horseradish, only it does not scatter around the site, does not grow where it pleases.

Do you mean the steppe katran? People call it Crimean horseradish. In short, I can say that katran is drought-resistant, frost-hardy and loves humus soil very much.

Its roots are thick, fleshy and in the second year can reach a very impressive mass. Although a relatively good harvest can be obtained in the first year of cultivation.

The taste of katran is roughly between horseradish and radish: both spicy and tender at the same time. In spring, the stems and leaves can be eaten like asparagus; the leaves can be used to prepare a salad. The roots of katran can be boiled, added to sauces, marinades, when salting vegetables.



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