Which varieties of open field cucumbers are suitable for all regions

Which varieties of open field cucumbers are suitable for all regions

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It would seem what can be intricate in growing cucumbers, because this vegetable gives an excellent harvest in almost all latitudes of our country. This is partly true only if we are talking about greenhouse cucumbers, because in this case you can not bother about the geography of their planting and boldly care only about the yield and duration of this process.

But as for cucumbers for growing in open beds, here not only the yield, but also the sowing, cultivation and care itself must be given enough attention. Not all varieties of cucumbers for open ground take root in absolutely all regions and territories of our country. It depends on the variety not only on the yield, but also on whether they will sprout at all. Among the universal variety of cucumbers, there are varieties that are suitable for absolutely all vegetable gardens and that successfully take root and bear fruit both in the northern regions and in the southern ones.

What varieties of cucumbers for open ground are suitable for almost all latitudes of our country? A nugget (the name itself speaks for itself), a hybrid swallow F1 (ideal for salting, but it is advisable to grow this variety in the southern regions), a farmer (it is rightfully considered a universal variety, because it can be grown both under film and in the open field and in all regions of the country). All these varieties are distinguished by high yields and unpretentious care.

Also varieties such as Nezhinsky, Muromsky, Ukrainian hybrid Zozulya, Moscow pickling, Altai early are perfect for growing in open ground.

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