How to grow blackberries in the garden?

How to grow blackberries in the garden?

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Blackberry is a sun-loving plant. Blooming and fruiting of blackberries can last from June to the end of September.
In order for the blackberry to bear fruit well, it is necessary to choose the right planting site, take care of it and take protective measures.

How to grow blackberries in the garden?

In the beginning, each gardener must decide for himself what type of blackberry he will grow: early, late, erect or creeping. Then he chooses a sunny spot and prepares the soil. The soil for blackberries should be well-drained, light, saturated with humus, and must be fertilized.

How to grow blackberries and what is the best time for this?

If gardeners try to plant most of the plants in the fall, then blackberries prefer planting in April - May. Before planting, the seedlings must be placed in water for 12 hours, remove all damaged shoulder straps.

For example, choosing a blackberry as a hedge, you need to remember that in the first year the plant does not bloom, and therefore does not yield a crop. After planting, the shrub is not watered. Fertilize blackberries every spring. Shrub bushes need constant care: they are thinned out, tall shoots are cut to one length, branches are tied. After its fruiting, the shoots must be cut off above the third bud from its base and added to the compost soil.

Blackberries are susceptible to various pests, so it must be treated with special agents. If the lesion covers more than a tenth of the bush, it must be dug up and burned.

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