Cucumber herb

Cucumber herb

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Cucumber grass belongs to the annual herbal plants of the Borage family. The plant is very fond of moist soil enriched with humus, and is characterized by high resistance to cold.

In late autumn, potassium salt and superphosphate are added to the soil at the rate of 200 kilograms per hectare. And the seeds of the cucumber grass are sown in early spring. Immediately before planting, ammonium nitrate is added to the ground (about 150 kg per hectare). When planting, it is necessary to adhere to some parameters: the width between the rows should be about 60 cm, and the planting depth should be about 2 cm. At the same time, approximately 40 kg of seeds are sown per hectare.

Caring for cucumber grass is completely uncomplicated. It is enough to loosen water, loosen the soil and remove weeds.

The crop is harvested in the form of fresh leaves even before the stem with flowers appears. Flowers are harvested later, they are also widely used in cooking.

Cucumber herb is a useful herb used for medicinal purposes. Fresh leaves of the plant contain a lot of potassium, various acids, vitamins and nutrients.

The dried or fresh herb is used to treat skin conditions, articular rheumatism, and as a mild laxative.

Decoctions of the leaves and flowers of the cucumber herb soothe the nervous system and help with coughs. This plant is recommended to be included in the diet for various diseases, for example, diseases of the liver, kidneys, vascular system, gallbladder, myocardial infarction and other ailments.

Due to its low salty taste and pleasant smell of fresh cucumber, the herb is used in the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as in the confectionery industry.

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