How to plant parsley

How to plant parsley

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Parsley is a spicy aromatic plant that is widespread throughout Russia. The agrotechnology of all types of parsley is the same, but the leaf parsley uses only greens for food, and the root also uses the roots.

How to plant parsley? Prepare loose, fertile, neutral soil for her. Parsley grows well in sunny places, but will grow in partial shade. It is better to prepare the beds in the fall, adding about 6-7 kg of rotted manure and 20-30 grams of double superphosphate and potassium salt for digging for each square meter. In the spring, you should add the same amount of phosphorus and potash fertilizers and add 50 grams (per square meter, of course) of urea or ammonium nitrate. Parsley is sown in early spring, along with carrots, usually at the end of April.

There are two ways to plant parsley in the spring. You can pre-soak the seeds in a piece of cloth for 3-4 days and sow when the sprouts hatch. Dry seeds can also be used. In both cases, they are buried 1 cm into the ground and a row spacing of 10-12 cm is left. What is the difference? The hatched seeds will sprout in 8-15 days if you water them regularly. Dry seeds germinate a week later. There is one "but" here. If you have nothing to water, and there will be no rain, the hatched seeds will die and the parsley will not sprout. Dry seeds will quietly lie in the ground for the entire unfavorable period, and will sprout when they begin to be watered, or it rains.

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