Dutch potato varieties

Dutch potato varieties

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Potatoes are one of the main vegetables grown in the fields and summer cottages of our country. There are many varieties of potatoes that differ in various characteristics.

Recently, summer residents have begun to plant more and more Dutch varieties of potatoes. This is due to the fact that these varieties are less prone to various diseases and give a fairly high and high-quality yield.

Especially popular are such Dutch potato varieties as Mona Lisa, Jarla, Cleopatra, Ukama, Asterix, Frisia and many others.

Compared to other varieties, Mona Lisa is considered the most resistant to various viral diseases. At the same time, the yield is very high, from one bush you can get two kilograms of potatoes or more. But this variety will not survive in normal soil. He needs nitrogen fertilizers.

Jarla belongs to the early varieties of potatoes. Its advantage is that it does not need additional fertilization. Any soil is suitable for growing it. Yarly's yield is the same as that of the previous variety.

Cleopatra is considered an early and high yielding variety. One potato bush gives more than 2.5 kilograms of harvest. To grow this variety, you need sandy or clayey soil. The only drawback of Cleoparta is that it is not resistant to scab.

Ukama is also an early and high-yielding variety. Moreover, it is very resistant to various potato viruses.

The Asterix variety is distinguished by its high yield, excellent taste and long shelf life.

Frisia is a mid-season Dutch potato variety. It is characterized by high immunity to various potato diseases and good yield (about two kilograms per bush).

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