Tuleevsky potatoes: description of the variety and cultivation features

Tuleevsky potatoes, which have recently gained unprecedented popularity among gardeners and have become one of the most common varieties, is a table variety and has an early ripening period.


  • Features and benefits of the variety
  • Tuleevsky potato planting rules
  • Necessary potato care
  • Storing potatoes

Features and benefits of the variety

The main factors that contributed to the spread of this potato variety were its extremely high yield (with proper care, up to five hundred kilograms of harvest can be harvested from one hundred square meters) and resistance to many diseases, in particular, scab, Alternaria and late blight.

It is also worth noting that Tuleevsky potatoes are perfectly stored and practically have no spoiled tubers, both during harvesting and during long-term storage. Another undoubted advantage of this variety can be called the large size of the potatoes (as a rule, the weight of one reaches the mark of four hundred to five hundred grams, and some specimens grow up to six hundred grams).

This variety is the most resistant to the invasion of insects and harmful parasites. The potato fruit is very resistant to rotting and has excellent storage characteristics.

The bushes of this potato are quite compact in size and have an average height. The flowers are white, and the tubers, which have a regular oval shape, are yellowish-beige (the flesh of this variety is also yellowish).

Tuleevsky potato planting rules

Tuleyevsky potato seeds should be purchased in advance. Before planting in the soil, it is necessary to warm them up in a warm place or room. After laying out the potatoes in a thin layer, leave them for 3-4 weeks. There should be enough light in the room, but you should definitely avoid direct sunlight. This must be done so that the corned beef enzyme is formed in the tubers, which has protective properties against potato diseases in cold weather or in minor frosts.

The most common method of planting Tuleyevsky potatoes is by planting in grooves. To do this, it is necessary to cut the tubers into halves three days before planting the potatoes and warm them up in the sun. A distance of 70 centimeters must be maintained between the holes. The depth of the holes should not exceed 15 centimeters. Immediately before laying out the potatoes in the hole, it is necessary to dip each slice in wood ash. It is advisable to spread the slices in the holes on the rotten grass poured in a thin layer, or on small twigs.

When the first shoots appear in a week, the used “bedding” base will warm the slices in case of frost. But in addition, it is worth covering the seedlings with foil or, for example, straw.

This potato is good because to save space on your site, you can plant it between currant bushes or, for example, gooseberries.

Necessary potato care

Growing potatoes of the Tuleyevsky variety practically does not differ from the process of growing other varieties, but it has several features. So, it cannot be watered throughout the summer. It is also unacceptable to use any chemical fertilizers: only humus can be used for this variety. Moreover, if the land is not particularly depleted, you can do without any fertilizers altogether.

To obtain the desired harvest results, it must be hilled two or three times.

  1. Hilling for the first time should occur immediately after the appearance of the first shoots, which, when hilling, are completely covered with earth.
  2. The second hilling is carried out during flowering. But you need to be careful and work extremely carefully so as not to knock off the inflorescences.
  3. Hilling is carried out for the third time already when the tops lie on the aisles.

If possible, if you understand that the potatoes lack strength, you can fertilize the potatoes with a light solution of chicken manure between the first and second hillocks.

Storing potatoes

In order not to purchase seed potatoes for planting again next year, select the number of tubers you need from the resulting crop for planting next year.

Before storing the potatoes, wash them thoroughly and put the tubers in a thin layer in a very bright place so that they all turn green. Then they can be lowered into the cellar.

Tuleevsky potatoes for planting must be stored separately from other potato varieties (potatoes intended for food can also be stored next to other varieties). The temperature should be observed up to + 3 degrees, the humidity should not exceed 95 percent. If you store potatoes in a place where significant temperature fluctuations are possible, then it is advisable to additionally insulate the tubers by placing an additional layer of straw under them and covering them with improvised materials.

So, Tuleyevsky potatoes are good because they are wonderful both when frying and when cooking. The tubers keep their shape perfectly, but at the same time they are quite soft and moderately crumbly. The wonderful aroma of these potatoes when cooking them will not leave you indifferent.

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