Tobia cabbage, description and characteristics, agricultural technology, harvesting and storage of crops

Tobia cabbage, description and characteristics, agricultural technology, harvesting and storage of crops

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White cabbage is a versatile product that is used all year round, making various culinary masterpieces from it.

Tobia cabbage has the best taste and characteristics. Housewives and gardeners often give preference to this particular variety, for good reasons.


  • Cabbage Tobia, variety description, photo
  • Features of the variety, advantages
  • Landing
  • Care
  • Disease and pest control, prevention methods
  • Tobia cabbage yield, harvesting and storage

Cabbage Tobia, variety description, photo

Tobia cabbage is considered a hybrid, it was bred in 2005 by Dutch breeders. The species is intended for growing on a large scale, suitable for many regions of the Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Description of culture:

  • The variety is early maturing. The growing season is 3 months from the start of germination.
  • The plants are undersized, the stump is small. It is thanks to this that the head of cabbage maximally enters into itself useful substances.
  • The leaves, internal and external, are dark green in color, covered with a bloom of wax on top, have a slight blistering and density. Waviness is present on the edges. When the cabbage ripens, the leaves curl as much as possible, so when cutting, there are practically no voids and gaps.
  • The shape of the head is round. When cut, it is white, sometimes yellowish is present.
  • The weight of cabbage is approximately 5 kg, in very rare cases 7 kg can be achieved with good care.

The cabbage tastes tender and juicy, there is no bitterness.

Let's watch a video about winter varieties, in particular - about Tobia cabbage:

Features of the variety, advantages

A feature of this culture is good transportability and marketable appearance. The leaves are so dense that harvesting can be done by machines. This saves a lot of time and effort.

Benefits of Tobia cabbage:

  • not capricious to climatic conditions;
  • there is a pleasant sweetness and there is no bitterness, which is characteristic of other varieties of the white-headed species;
  • high yield rates;
  • not susceptible to diseases, especially fusarium wilting;
  • It is actively used in the culinary field; taste is especially appreciated in fermented and pickled form.


Planting recommendations:

  • Seedlings are planted in open ground on the fortieth day, it is during this period that up to 5 leaves appear on the stem, and the roots are strengthened.
  • Responsibly it is worth treating the selection of soil. Tobia cabbage prefers a loamy substrate. Under no circumstances should acidic soil be used. To lower the acidity of the soil, add wood ash, humus, dolomite flour, phosphorus-potassium fertilizers or lime.
  • This culture requires good lighting, this must be taken into account when selecting a site. Lack of light will lead to the formation of a small head, the head becomes loose.
  • It is better to plant this crop in places where tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, onions, cereals and carrots were previously grown. The landing site must be changed every 5 years.
  • The distance between the rows is 60 cm, and between the holes is 50 cm. If you plant everything according to the standard, then the heads of cabbage will turn out to be the same in size and will ripen at the same time.
  • Seedlings go deeper into the ground to the first leaf, compacted with soil from above. It is watered a little so that the water does not pull the plant down.

Care rules

Soil moisture and watering are very important points. The crop should be watered regularly and frequently. About two liters of water is poured into one hole when the plant is young. In the future, up to five liters of liquid is spent on one shrub. Sufficient water will allow the root system to grow stronger faster. When the weather is rainy, then watering should be limited to avoid rotting the fork.

Weeds should be removed as soon as they appear. If the weed is not pulled out in a timely manner, it can contribute to the reproduction of pests and diseases.

Loosening the soil after abundant watering is very useful. This procedure saturates the earth with oxygen.

For top dressing, it is better not to use chemicals, then the cabbage will be nitrate-free. Gardeners use natural fertilizers: chicken droppings, mullein, a solution with fermented grass, an extract prepared on the basis of wood ash.

These simple actions will contribute to the improvement of taste and marketability, and good fruiting.

Let's watch a useful video about growing winter cabbage:

Disease and pest control, prevention methods

Tobia cabbage is not susceptible to insect attacks and diseases, if preventive manipulations are carried out in a timely manner.

The only insect that can harm the product is the cabbage butterfly caterpillar.

There are no drugs that serve as a deterrent. Therefore, they use the folk method. The culture is sprayed with saline, valerian, infusion of potato tops and needles, and soapy water.

For preventive purposes, the garden plot is treated with wood ash, scattering it over the soil surface, 2 kg are used per square meter. Cayenne pepper and tobacco dust can be used in place of wood ash.

Tobia cabbage yield, harvesting and storage

The yield is good, 20 kg of product can be harvested from one square meter. If the crop was planted in large volumes, then no less than 100 tons per hectare comes out.

Harvested in dry, cloudy weather.

The collection is carried out by machine or manually. If the choice fell on the manual method, a sharp knife is used to cut the head, it is cut so that the length of the stump is at least 8 cm.

The product is stored in a basement or refrigerator, the optimum temperature is from 0 to plus 5 degrees, the humidity in the room is from 90 to 95%. If you store the vegetable in the cellar, you need to put the cabbage in a wooden or cardboard box.

The shelf life is 3 months. If each head is wrapped in paper or coated with clay, then storage can be extended for several more months.

So, Tobia cabbage is a wonderful variety, good yield and high taste make it in demand in the culinary and gardening field.

Watch the video: Koolrooier versmarkt - Arracheuse de chou frais - Cabbage harvester for storage (May 2022).


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