Cucumbers Boyfriend - features of cultivation, characteristics of the variety, advantages

Cucumbers Boyfriend - features of cultivation, characteristics of the variety, advantages

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A good gardener prefers to plant on his site those varieties of vegetables that do not require special agrotechnical skills, but at the same time have high yields throughout the summer season.

This type of cucumber includes cucumbers. Let's look at the characteristics, planting rules and advantages of this culture.


  • Cucumbers Boyfriend: variety description, photo
  • Benefits
  • Where to buy Ukhazher cucumber seeds
  • Planting rules and care
  • Growing features
  • Disease resistance
  • Cucumber boyfriend reviews

Cucumbers Boyfriend: variety description, photo

The boyfriend is a hybrid variety of cucumber, belongs to the medium-growing and medium-sized species.

General characteristics:

  • Large leaves, there is a neat waviness on the edges.
  • Small side shoots, 2 to 3 pieces.
  • The inflorescences are mixed, female and male.
  • The fruits are mid-ripening, after the first shoots, the harvest is observed in fifty, sixty days.
  • Many ovaries are forming. On the nodule, from two to three can form at the same time.
  • The length of the fruit is sixteen to eighteen centimeters.
  • The mass of a cucumber ranges from 180 to 210 grams.
  • The diameter of the fruit is 4 centimeters.
  • Productivity from 1 bush to 6 kilograms. Depends on conditions and region.
  • The vegetable can be planted in a greenhouse or outdoors.
  • The fruit is oval, green in color. This can be seen very clearly in the photo.
  • The product is transportable and has a presentable appearance.
  • Long shelf life.
  • High taste data.
  • The variety is disease-resistant.
  • Can be consumed fresh and canned.

Much depends on the owner, the better the care, the higher the performance.


Advantages of the cucumber suitor:

  • aroma and taste, lack of bitterness;
  • long shelf life, juiciness and appearance are preserved;
  • high rates of disease resistance;
  • the density of the cucumber allows the vegetable to be used for transportation;
  • high productivity.

The bush is not prone to strong branching, therefore it needs less care, unlike its counterparts.

Where to buy Ukhazher cucumber seeds

You can buy quality seeds in specialized stores or online. It is important to make sure that the seeds are certified and that there is a quality guarantee.

When buying seeds over the Internet, you need to contact the owner or a consultant to clarify the conditions for storing seeds, the principle of sending the goods and payment. It is important to agree that if you do not like the product, you can refuse it.

If you cooperate with professionals, the purchase of seeds will not cause problems.

Let's watch a video about cucumber seeds Boyfriend:

Planting rules and care

During landing, you need to take into account some requirements:

  • The site must be well lit.
  • Loamy-humus and sandy loam soil is suitable as a soil.
  • Cucumbers are afraid of drafts and strong winds, so you need to protect them as much as possible from these phenomena.
  • It is important to avoid low-lying areas, as they are characterized by low temperatures and moisture accumulation. The garden bed is considered ideal at a height of 30 cm, which is located from east to west.
  • In the autumn period, humus, sawdust and peat are introduced into the soil.

Cucumbers are planted in the soil where potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, and legumes grew before.

It is best to avoid areas where zucchini, pumpkin and eggplant were planted. After these crops, the likelihood of contracting a disease increases, which will negatively affect the harvest.

For quality care, it is important to pay special attention to watering and feeding.

Watering scheme:

  • before the first inflorescences appear, the bush is watered weekly using three liters of water;
  • after the formation of fruits, the culture is watered every three days, up to 6 liters of water are used.

For irrigation, use warm, rain or settled water.

Top dressing should be carried out regularly, taking into account the temperature regime. In the heat, root fertilizers are used, in the cold season, foliar fertilizers.

The best fertilizer for cucumbers is considered to be bird droppings and mullein solution, in a ratio of 1 to 15.
By following all these recommendations, you can count on good and long-term fruiting.

Useful tips about caring for cucumbers, watch the video:

Growing features

This variety is grown in two ways:

  • seeds;
  • seedlings.

Growing can be done in greenhouses or a greenhouse. Seedlings are transplanted into open ground at the end of May, beginning of June. Several leaves must be present on the seedlings.

Growing from seeds

The process is carried out in early spring. Seeds need to be treated with Fitosporin for disinfection. Spread a 5 mm thick layer of soil and sprinkle the seeds on the soil. Fill the seed with warm water. Keep in a room where the temperature is not lower than 23 and not higher than 27 degrees.


Here's a schema:

  • The temperature regime is observed, during the day, plus 20 degrees is the optimal temperature, at night, plus 16 degrees.
  • It is important to light the seedlings for 12 hours. She needs lighting not only in the morning, but also in the evening. For this, you can use fluorescent bulbs or phytolamps.
  • Regular watering is required.
  • Once a few leaves have hatched, the seedlings are ready to be transplanted outdoors.

Disease resistance

Suitor cucumbers do not get sick with powdery mildew and are not susceptible to root rot. However, preventive manipulations should be carried out. From the disease, the culture is treated with special preparations: Topaz, Oxyhim, Fitosoprin.

These funds are contraindicated to use during the formation of fruits; when spraying, be sure to dilute the agent with water.

Timely watering, the choice of quality seeds and the correct planting method will help protect against disease.

If the seedlings are growing in a greenhouse, regular ventilation is needed.

People use an infusion of garlic and onion peel as a spraying.

Cucumbers suitor: reviews

Here are a couple of reviews about the variety from forums for summer residents.

“Cucumbers taste great. My whole family is happy. Now I will grow only these cucumbers. I give one hundred points to appearance and productivity! "

“The boyfriend is our favorite cucumber. We have been planting this variety in the greenhouse for four years now. The skin is thin, the cucumbers are sweet and crunchy, there is no bitterness. We collect the harvest until October ”.
So, the suitor cucumber is the perfect variety for fans of this culture. Good yield, easy agricultural technology, excellent taste and transportability make this species one of the best. The main thing is to follow the recommendations during cultivation and in the future to properly care for the bushes.

Now you know all the details of care, when buying seeds, pay attention to this variety of cucumbers.

Watch the video: How to grow Cucumbers? (August 2022).