Tomatoes Explosion, characteristics and description of how to sow and grow a crop

Tomatoes Explosion, characteristics and description of how to sow and grow a crop

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Among the many hybrids that have been bred over the last century, the Burst Tomato stands out.

The variety is advantageously remarkable for its firmness and productivity, for which it was appreciated by gardeners.


  • Tomato Explosion, description and photo
  • Variety characteristic, height, yield
  • Tomato variety Explosion, reviews and photos from those who planted
  • Tomato Explosion - features of growing and care
  • Preventive measures, control of diseases and pests
  • Where to buy explosion tomato seeds

Tomato Explosion, description and photo

Explosion tomatoes were bred at the beginning of the twenty-first century in Russia. They belong to early maturing, ripening begins after the hundredth day from the moment of planting the seeds.

Standard bushes with spreading branches. In order to prevent the branches from falling, it is recommended to take care of the props in advance, to which you can later tie the branches.

A notable feature is its versatility. Tomatoes can be grown both in greenhouses and greenhouses, and in open soil. Plants are resistant and well tolerated in open field conditions.

Other features of the hybrid include its high resistance not only to temperature fluctuations, but also to most diseases characteristic of tomatoes.

However, this does not mean at all that the tomato cannot suffer from a disease or attack of pests, albeit less than others, but the Explosion also suffers from them.

We offer you to watch a video about the explosion tomato and find out the features of this variety:

Variety characteristic, height, yield

In addition to resistance to unfavorable environmental conditions and pest attacks, a number of other features belong to the characteristics of the variety, we will name the most notable:

  • The height of the bush ranges from 45 to 60 cm;
  • The fruits are distinguished by a dense structure of saturated red flowers and a slightly ribbed shape;
  • The weight of one fruit is 120 grams, but sometimes it reaches 260 grams;
  • The average yield per bush is 3 kg per season.
  • The tomato is considered versatile, the fruits are suitable for rolling and salads. Due to its dense consistency, they do not lose their shape and do not fall apart when exposed to boiling water.

Tomato variety Explosion, reviews and photos from those who planted

On the network, you can find many reviews of gardeners who planted the variety. Many people note the high level of cold resistance and taste of Explosion.

So Anton Veremeev notes: Growing tomatoes is my passion. Every year I try to try new varieties, I have carried away almost the whole family with this business. The explosion came across tomatoes by accident, I decided to try to grow seedlings first. The bushes grew lush, they didn't have to tie up. I was especially surprised by the speed and almost simultaneity of tomato ripening. We used it in salads and in seaming, we liked the taste, we will plant it further.

Tamara Lipetskaya was also satisfied: Since we have cold springs, I always look for cold-resistant varieties. The explosion was advised by a friend, she even shared the seeds. I took a chance, planted it immediately in the open ground and did not regret it! Even a sudden cold snap did not destroy the crop, I found the perfect variety.

Most of the reviews on the network are positive, users note the durability and yield of the hybrid.

The only thing that can be attributed to the negative is insufficiently pronounced taste.

Tomato Explosion - features of growing and care

In order for the tomato to grow quickly and give the largest possible harvest, it is important to follow some planting and care rules.

The main points to look out for are:

  • It is recommended to plant seedlings in mid-March. Before direct planting, the seeds must be soaked in a growth stimulant solution for seven hours.
  • Watering can only be done after the first leaves appear. Before that, it is recommended only to spray the soil, this will prevent the seeds from washing out;
  • After the second leaf appears on the sprouts, make a pick and plant the tomatoes in separate cups;
  • Two-month old seedlings can be planted in open ground (in June) or a greenhouse (in May). When transplanting, it is important to observe the distance between individual bushes - at least 40 cm;
  • A little fertilizer must be added to the bottom of the holes;
  • After planting, watering should be carried out twice a week in the early morning or in the evening after sunset. This will help prevent burns on the foliage;
  • When an ovary is formed, it is recommended to increase the frequency of watering so that the fruits gain weight;
  • During the season, tomatoes need feeding: when transplanting, a week after planting, during flowering and fruit formation.

It is equally important when caring for tomatoes to weed the beds in a timely manner. Weeds can not be thrown away, but sprinkled on the soil under the bushes as mulch.

Let's watch the video and find out how to properly plant tomatoes in open ground:

Preventive measures, control of diseases and pests

Tomatoes of this variety are practically not susceptible to disease attacks. However, despite this, tomatoes can still suffer. In order to save the crop from destruction, it is worth knowing how to deal with the misfortune.

Pest attacks are considered the most common problem. Mainly insects such as the Colorado potato beetle, spider mites, thrips, aphids.

Treatment with insecticides will help get rid of them. It will not be superfluous to carry out the processing of tomatoes for preventive purposes, if these pests have appeared in neighboring areas.

With proper care and timely processing, tomatoes will pleasantly surprise you not only with their durability, but also with a harvest that will be enough for a family table and sale.

Where to buy explosion tomato seeds

You can buy seeds online. This is the easiest way, because there are enough sites that offer to purchase seeds. However, it is important to consider that this method is fraught with some risk.

There is always a danger of running into scammers, so you should pay attention to large sites, or use proven ones.

A less risky way is to purchase from a specialty store. This is a common variety and it may well be found on the counter, in extreme cases, you can order it from a seller, who, in turn, will make an order in a specialized company.

Tomatoes Explosion - a variety that is frost-resistant, successfully tolerates attacks of diseases. High yield and relative unpretentiousness made this hybrid quite popular.

Watch the video: Tomato growing time lapse - 32 days - 4k (May 2022).


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