Industrial cultivation of strawberries

Industrial cultivation of strawberries

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Strawberries are not only tasty, but also a very healthy berry. In the summertime, industrial strawberry cultivation is quite a lucrative business.

Typically, on an industrial scale, a strawberry plantation is used for only one season, since using a strawberry plantation for two or three years will require the use of special fertilizers and various chemicals, as well as weeding and pruning of tendrils. All this will require not only a lot of effort and expense, but also reduce the yield and quality of strawberries. Therefore, after the first good harvest, the strawberry plantation is plowed.

In most cases, annual strawberries are planted in the summer. In this case, the seedlings should be prepared from late autumn and stored in the refrigerator until planting. In some regions it is planted in June, and in others in July. Usually, high-yielding strawberry varieties are used for annual plantations, for example, Redgauntlet, Pocahontas, Zenga Zengana or Talisman.

The industrial cultivation of strawberries also requires adherence to the planting density of bushes: there should be about 180-220 thousand plants per hectare. To obtain a high yield, film mulching is recommended. Watering the strawberries should be done regularly.

Some businessmen plant several varieties of strawberries at the same time on the same plantation, differing in terms of ripening. This will enable them to sell quality strawberries for extended seasonal periods at minimal cost.

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