Kimberly strawberries or honey? The choice is yours

Kimberly strawberries or honey? The choice is yours

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Garden strawberries are a tasty and aromatic berry crop popular among summer residents. Mouth-watering strawberries cheer up and improve digestion. To get a rich harvest, you need to choose the right place for planting it, choose a good variety and properly care for it.


  • Determining the landing site
  • Which variety should you choose?
  • Selection and purchase of seedlings
  • Planting and leaving

Determining a place for planting strawberries

To plant strawberries, you need to choose the right piece of land. It is better to choose a well-moistened, light soil, without excess calcium. The site must be flat, protected from the wind, without stagnant water. The ideal watering option for strawberries is drip irrigation.

It is also worth considering the use of a mulching black film, it will help to avoid constant work on removing weeds and rotting berries, contaminating them with earth.

Which variety should you choose?

The choice of variety is based on the preferences of the grower. If you want to try strawberries as early as possible, then you should consider the option of planting early varieties, for example: Kimberly strawberries, Honey, Elvira, Vita Zanta. There are also medium varieties (Alexandrina, Carmen) and medium late strawberry varieties (Alpha, Gigantella).

Many of our gardeners choose remontant strawberries, that is, the one that gives several harvests per year, for example: Queen Elizabeth, Mount Everest, Fresco, etc.

The advantage of early strawberry varieties is that they are winter-hardy and resistant to all sorts of diseases. For example: the Dutch strawberry Kimberly is resistant to powdery mildew, winter hardy, ripens early and has sweet, fragrant, large fruits. Early strawberries Elvira are resistant to fungi and grows well in cold, damp areas.

If the site allows, it is good to combine strawberry varieties. Then you can feast on strawberries all year round, admiring its rich taste. But all aspects of growing a particular variety should be taken into account, because under exactly the same conditions they will give a different yield, depending on whether care and feeding are suitable for them.

The varieties that give high yields and are recognized as the most delicious are very popular, for example: Albion, Elizabeth II (remontantnaya), Honey, Kimberly (early), Zenga-Zengana (late).

Selection and purchase of seedlings

Now you need to find good seedlings. On the market, they may sell another variety instead of the promised one. In addition, strawberries have many different diseases and pests (tick, nematode). They are transmitted with the planting material. It is difficult for a gardener to distinguish between healthy, developed plants and diseased ones. Therefore, it is better to buy seedlings in the nursery.

Experienced sellers there can help in choosing, will give the correct answer to any question of the buyer. It is recommended to buy seedlings in pots or cassettes. This is somewhat more expensive, but it justifies itself.

Frigo seedlings packed in peat have proven themselves well. It is of high quality and takes root easily. This seedling without leaves, kept in the cold all winter using special technology. It is only necessary to check whether it has sprouted strongly. If the central leaf is small and green, then it can be safely purchased, planted either in a greenhouse or in a pot on the windowsill.

Planting and leaving

The size of the beds is arbitrary, convenient for maintenance. But the most suitable planting scheme is 60x60 cm.

It is not recommended to plant strawberries after garden crops or after strawberries. If the soil is fresh, then we can safely plant any variety.

If the soil is not fertile enough, it is necessary to add compost or high peat and mineral fertilizers that do not contain chlorine. The soil should be carefully dug up, a bed should be formed. You can plant in 1-2 weeks.

As mentioned, you can tighten the bed with a non-woven black material. Seedlings are planted in a slot in the fabric.

The seedlings grown in the greenhouse must be given the opportunity to adapt on the balcony or outside. Otherwise, she may die.

It is better to plant seedlings in April-May. In this case, repairing varieties will give the first harvest by the fall. Regular varieties can also produce flowers, but they are best cut off. New strawberry bushes can be planted almost all summer, until mid-autumn.

If the plant is planted from a pot, the clod of earth should be broken slightly when planting so that the roots can quickly grow into the ground.

After planting, the plants should be well watered. In cool weather, you can close the beds. For this, a frame and a non-woven material are used. Be sure to water and open the beds once a week. Shelter should be removed before flowering.

When the harvest appears, berries are picked every other day or daily. If remontant or late strawberries are planted, then the berries will be until mid-autumn. Therefore, during a cold snap, it is again recommended to make a shelter.

Strawberries winters well with abundant snow cover. But if the winter is cold, but there is little snow, it may die. Therefore, it is advisable to cover the plants for the winter.

Undoubtedly, strawberries are the queen of all berries. The article lists the most worthy varieties of it. It is advisable to try to grow all of them, and only then can you accurately determine what it is, your berry. We hope that recommendations for choosing a variety, caring for strawberries will help novice gardeners make the right choice and get a high yield.

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