Zamioculcas does not grow, what to do, how to resume the growth of the dollar tree

Zamioculcas does not grow, what to do, how to resume the growth of the dollar tree

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Sometimes the dollar tree can be capricious - not growing up, not giving new shoots. In some cases, the problem is easily solved by correcting flower care.

Let's figure out together what to do if the zamioculcas does not grow.


  • Zamioculcas does not grow, what to do
  • How to make a flower grow tall
  • How to wake up zamioculcas
  • For what reasons, zamioculcas does not shoot
  • Why does the stem of the dollar tree shrivel?
  • Is it possible to use root for zamiokulkas
  • Zamiokulkas has only a tuber left, how to save a plant

Zamioculcas does not grow, what to do

This plant is not demanding for care, in particular for watering, it can be rare and scarce. In this case, the flower accumulates moisture not in the leaves, but in the tubers.

But even such a flower that is resistant to the harsh conditions of existence can freeze, i.e. stop growing. What if the zamioculcas does not grow?

First of all, you should determine the cause of the disease, and then take appropriate measures to improve the conditions for keeping the flower.

The most common obstacles to the full growth of the dollar tree are the following factors.

Excessive wateringIt is necessary to water zamioculcas only when the soil under it is absolutely dry. Excess moisture provokes rotting of the root system.
Unsuitable soilZamioculcas prefers rocky soil with sandy patches. It is this kind of soil that is found in the areas where the dollar tree comes from.
Lack of lightingAlthough this unpretentious plant can be in the shade, it can only grow actively with a sufficient level of illumination. A suitable place for a dollar tree is a south-facing windowsill.
Small potThe root system of the zamiokulkas is developing quite actively, so the flower needs a timely transplant into a large container.
Tuber damageThis happens during transplanting or may be due to a small pot. Growing up, the tubers rest against the walls and can even rupture the container, while receiving mechanical damage.

It should also be borne in mind that poor growth can be a sign of a plant's youth. In the first years of a flower's life, the root system develops intensively, so new leaves and shoots rarely appear.

Let's watch a video on what to do if zamiokulkas does not grow:

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How to make a flower grow tall

If the houseplant is poorly developed, the above reasons should be analyzed and appropriate changes made. It is necessary to provide the plant with suitable soil, transplant it into a large container and arrange for sufficient lighting.

You should not be zealous with watering.

Zamioculcas belongs to the class of succulents, and this biological group is accustomed to exist in rather arid conditions.

If the problem is with damaged tubers, special care should be taken. The affected areas are cut to healthy tissue, the cut site is sprinkled with ash or activated carbon.

Compliance with simple recommendations will allow the flower to develop fully and grow in height, reaching 0.6-1 meters.

How to wake up zamioculcas

If all the conditions for proper care of the dollar tree are met, and the plant does not develop, you can spur its growth with the help of nitrogen fertilization.

Also, the lack of growth can be associated with being in a dormant period. This usually happens in winter. The freezing of the zamiokulkas during this period is a normal physiological process and should not cause concern.

Read more about plant care and growth stimulation - in the video:

For what reasons, zamioculcas does not shoot

The main reason for the non-emergence of new shoots is planting a plant in an exorbitantly large container. Too large a pot requires the zamioculcus to fill the entire space with the root system.

The development of tubers diverts the vital resources of the flower to the detriment of the development of new shoots.

It is also important that the pot is not too deep. The tubers of the plant should only be lightly covered with soil, and not buried to a great depth.

If the flower was planted in violation of these recommendations, it should be transplanted again into a smaller container. It will be normal if you can feel the tubers of the plant through the soil.

Why does the stem of the dollar tree shrivel?

The stems of the dollar tree most often shrivel if the flower suffers from drafts. The second common cause is pests in the root system. First of all, you need to believe the tubers of the plant.

If pests are found, measures should be taken to eliminate them. If the matter is in a draft, it is enough to rearrange the flower in a more comfortable place. After a while, the stem will recover.

Is it possible to use root for zamiokulkas

Kornevin is a popular biostimulant that is used to feed the root system of various plants. Most gardeners respond favorably to the effect of the drug on the growth of zamioculcas.

It accelerates the development of roots, due to which biological resources are spent on the development of the terrestrial part of the flower. However, it should be applied strictly according to the instructions, without abuse.

Zamiokulkas has only a tuber left, how to save a plant

In some situations, due to lack of proper care, the entire ground part of the plant dies. However, zamioculcas can be saved if tubers remain intact by pests.

For this, the remaining root system should be properly maintained, which consists in the following:

  • transplanting into a container of a suitable size with correctly selected soil;
  • poor watering;
  • placing the pot in a sufficiently lit dry place without drafts.

If it is impossible to place a flower on the sunny side, artificial lighting should be organized using a special lamp.

If the zamioculcas has stopped growing, you should check how accurately the simple recommendations for caring for this indoor plant are followed.

If there are no violations in this area, it is worth checking the flower for the presence of pests.

The elimination of parasites and adherence to the rules of care guarantees the further full development of the dollar tree.

Watch the video: How to Promote More New Growth on ZZ Plants? Whats Wrong with Yours? ZZ Plant Care Tips u0026 Guide (July 2022).


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