Acid storage tanks

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Acid-proof tanks are required for the transport and storage of many media with different properties and composition.
Where it is possible to use these containers depends on the storage conditions. The version of the tank can be made of several layers, cast with multi-composite resins.
The temperature regime for such containers is very wide: +50 to -60 ° С.
Storage of acid-resistant tanks is possible both outdoors and in special rooms.
The tank is made of double-walled, because during use, constant monitoring of acid levels and temperatures is required.
A leak indicator and inspection hatch are required parts of such containers.


- storage and transportation of acids and various alkalis
- collection and preparation of aggressive environments

The advantages of these types of tanks are:

1. High resistance of the container to various media
2. The temperature barrier is very large
3. The containers are additionally insulated and protected from UV radiation
4. The body is sealed and durable
5. Environmentally friendly and much lighter than iron tanks

By type of installation can be:

1. Terrestrial. Installation is carried out by bolting to a concrete base.
2. Underground. They are located in underground mines, not far from the waste water outlet.
3. Semi-underground. Mixed target capacities.

This type of tank is resistant to rust due to its special protective composition.
Also in this area are used containers made of polypropylene, fiberglass and other polymeric substances.
Such products are marked and painted in accordance with the regulations and technical requirements of the buyer.

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