Fertilizer HB-101, application and reviews of a natural growth stimulant

Fertilizer HB-101, application and reviews of a natural growth stimulant

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Those who are into gardening or grow plants know that a good harvest and healthy flower growth takes a lot of effort and expense.

To make the plant pleasing to the eye, various dressings are used, but for safety reasons, many prefer to use natural fertilizers, without chemical additives, since they are completely safe.

This characteristic is possessed by the HB 101 fertilizer, the use and reviews of consumers confirm the effectiveness of this tool.


  • Fertilizer HB 101, composition, scope and reviews
  • Fertilizer HB 101 in granules and in the form of a liquid concentrate, application rules
  • Effectiveness for orchids
  • Application for tomato seedlings
  • Is it possible to use HB 101 fertilizer for strawberries
  • Fertilizer HB 101, application for indoor plants
  • Drug analogs

Fertilizer HB 101, composition, scope and reviews

HB 101 is a growth stimulant for cultivated, indoor and garden plants. This type of feeding is natural and safe, since it does not contain chemicals and additives.

The main active ingredient of this stimulant is silicon dioxide, a substance obtained from tree species. It is made from the juice: cypress, plantain, Japanese cedar and pine.

Dioxide is responsible for cell growth and makes cells more resilient and resilient. As a result, the culture is gaining more root and vegetative mass.

The composition includes a number of trace elements:

  • calcium;
  • nitrogen;
  • sodium;
  • iron;
  • silicon;
  • magnesium;
  • potassium;
  • sulfur;
  • manganese;
  • phosphorus.

Release form: granular powder and liquid. Each form is used to grow plants in different ways, and in a particular season.

HB 101 is used in many areas:

  • Seed dressing.
  • For soil restoration and strengthening.
  • While watering seedlings.
  • For fertilizing young and adult plants.
  • For the treatment of crops against fungal diseases.
  • To increase yields.
  • Used for feeding in vegetable gardens, for ornamental and indoor plants.

The effectiveness and benefits of fertilizers are enormous, this is confirmed by the positive feedback from people.

Sergey writes: My mother loves to grow plants. But often, even with constant care, they bloomed poorly and died. When I arrived a year later, I was amazed, all the plants were blooming in the room. The leaves became alive, resilient, and the bushes healthy and lush. The secret of beauty turned out to be in the application of HB 101 feeding. Mom is contented and happy. Waters the plants with this fertilizer twice a week, and sprays it periodically. We plan to buy granulated HB, we think the result will be no less effective. We recommend it to everyone!

Ruslan noted at the summer residents' forum: I have always preferred only natural products, especially when growing fruits and vegetables. I use organic fertilizers. Most of all, HB 101 was pleased with its composition. I have been using it in the garden for more than three years, I like it. After planting seedlings, I am not worried about its growth. Seedlings always turn out to be stocky and strong, and large bushes are not susceptible to diseases.

Lydia: This drug was recommended to me by a neighbor. Immediately I did not believe in this miracle remedy, I thought it was exaggerating its merits. However, in the spring I decided to test it. Now I just buy HB 101 for my garden. The bushes are lush, the fruits are bright and fragrant, high yield. The berries are large and delicious.

Positive reviews show that the product is very productive and can be used without fear.

Fertilizer HB 101 in granules and in the form of a liquid concentrate, application rules

The drug is sold in two forms:

  • in granules;
  • in the form of a liquid.

The granular substance is produced in packages weighing ten and three hundred grams. The liquid is packaged in bottles with a volume of six, fifty and one hundred milligrams. The smallest dosage is for indoor plants. One hundred milliliters are used for vegetable gardens and orchards.

Recommendations for introducing granules:

  • This type of fertilizer is added in the autumn. If you plan to use other organic and mineral products, then you should first pour them in, and then apply this stimulant. It is important that it is located on the surface and does not come into contact with other minerals (it is forbidden to use additionally a sub-crust based on oils and urea).
  • HB 101 is mixed with sand, garden or garden soil, in rare cases it is mixed with compost. In the future, top dressing is evenly distributed over the planting soil. Digging the soil after this is not recommended.

Rules for adding a liquid substance:

  • This option is the most economical. One milligram (twenty drops) is twenty liters of the finished solution. To measure the desired proportion, you should use a special measuring pipette, which is sold with the drug.
  • For domestic plants, it is enough to apply a couple of drops of the substance; for vegetable gardens, the volume is calculated depending on hectares of land. The instruction will be indicated on the bottle.

The fertilizer is safe, therefore no special protective measures are required during the introduction. It is enough to wear rubber gloves and avoid that the product does not touch the nasal cavity and eyes.

You can learn more about the HB-101 fertilizer by watching the video:

Effectiveness for orchids

Orchids are quite whimsical flowers, they require proper care and a lot of nutrients for development and growth. The most essential element for the health of an orchid is silicon.

The root system of the flower very quickly absorbs this substance from the soil, and the roots begin to weaken, which negatively affects the stem, leaves and inflorescences.

Silicon is included in HB 101 in large quantities. Thanks to this fertilization, the flowers acquire a bright color, the immune system of the plant and the rhizome are strengthened. Resistance to diseases characteristic of this culture is developing.

The orchid should be treated once a week or every ten days. The feed is poured into the soil, the permissible proportion is 1: 2 (a liter of water for two drops of a substance). A six milligram bottle is rated from sixty to one hundred and twenty liters.

Before planting flowers on the street, fertilization is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • 100 milligrams is diluted with two cubic meters of water, this is enough to fertilize two hectares of land;
  • 50 milligrams of the substance is consumed per thousand liters of water, which is quite enough for one hectare.

These proportions are ideal for growing and periodic watering using hydroponics, when a special substitute solution is used instead of soil.

This fertilizer does not need special storage, however, when preparing fertilizer, you should use it immediately. This will increase efficiency.

Application for tomato seedlings

Before planting tomato seedlings, the soil must be treated with HB 101. Such soil will allow good bacteria to multiply faster, which will improve the fertility and structure of the soil.

The bushes then develop a powerful root system, the foliage retains the correct shape, the yield increases several times.

Ripe tomatoes contain a large amount of ascorbic acid and sugar, which allows the plucked fruit to maintain a presentable appearance for a long time.

Processing must be performed before planting seedlings.

It is necessary:

  • Dissolve 5 milligrams of HB 101 in one hundred milligrams of water (if the site is not more than one hundred square meters, and if more, the proportion can be calculated independently).
  • After 7 days, feeding is repeated, the same is done on day 21.
  • Now you should fertilize the seedlings. To do this, you need to lower the roots into the solution for half an hour (for 1 milligram of the product, you need to take 10 liters of liquid or 2 drops per 1 liter).
  • To spray the planting material, it is necessary to dilute one drop in a liter of water. The procedure is performed every seven days.
  • A positive result will not keep you waiting long. Despite the weather conditions and the initial quality of the seedlings, there will be a lot of tomatoes.

Is it possible to use HB 101 fertilizer for strawberries

HB 101 can be used for berries, including strawberries. Fertilization makes the berries tastier, more nutritious, increases the yield, the harvested strawberries will last longer.

This strawberry fertilizer is used for watering during the summer months after the flowering period ends. In the future, the drug is used to spray the ovaries; to prepare the solution, you should take two drops of the substance per one liter of liquid.

If a granular product is used, then in the fall and spring, five granules must be laid out under each bush. This strengthens the root system of the bush and contributes to the quality of the product.

Fertilizer HB 101, application for indoor plants

Home flowers need care, just like garden flowers. Fertilizer HB is actively used in this area.

To prepare a liquid product you will need:

  • litere of water;
  • two milligrams of HB 101.

Water the plant with the resulting solution once every six months. This watering will shorten the dormant time and increase the flowering period without damaging the plant.

Foliage spraying is performed every 14 days throughout the year. One milligram of the drug is taken per liter of water.

Application of granular substance:

  • per kilogram of soil, three to five granules are used.
  • It is important that the preparation is on the surface and not inside the pot. This manipulation is performed only in the winter.

This dressing protects indoor flowers from diseases, restores the damaged root system, makes the buds alive and presentable, and adds brightness to the inflorescences.

Drug analogs

You can replace HB 101 with similar drugs.

EtamonIt is a good growth stimulant. The preparation contains phosphorus and nitrogen. This type is used for open soil, especially for processing seedlings and greenery, in which it stimulates growth.

Effectively helps in fertilizing garden soil, relieves of diseases: powdery mildew; fusarium; rot.

The preparation contains fungicide and mushrooms, which penetrate into the ground and expel harmful components. To prepare a solution, fifty milligrams of the substance should be diluted in ten liters of water

Floronkterial agent for garden soil. Used to fight bacteria and fungi

There is no absolutely identical drug, such as HB 101, there are only similar drugs, the choice depends on the needs of the owner.

So, the HB 101 fertilizer is unique, as it is suitable for stimulating garden plants, indoor crops and garden vegetation.

The main thing is to observe the dosage and time of the procedure.

Watch the video: Plant Growth Promoters u0026 Agro Chemicals by Krishak Biotech Private Limited, Nashik (May 2022).


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