How to plant a money tree correctly, from a leaf, a shoot, without roots

How to plant a money tree correctly, from a leaf, a shoot, without roots

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Crassula, fat woman, money tree - all this is the name of one plant, known to almost everyone. It is believed that this plant will help normalize the financial situation in the house, but for this it is important to consider how to plant a money tree correctly.


  • How to plant a money tree correctly so that it brings money
  • How to care for Crassula to attract money
  • How to plant a money tree from a scion
  • How to plant a fat woman without roots
  • How to plant Crassula from a leaf
  • When to plant a money tree according to the lunar calendar

How to plant a money tree correctly so that it brings money

It is widely believed that a flower stolen from a wealthy home grows best. Power engineers argue that such an outgrowth carries with it some of the positive financial energy. And, since Crassula reproduces well by cuttings, the stolen shoot will quickly sprout.

A stem of medium thickness is considered optimal for jigging. It is recommended to place a neatly cut stalk in water, which will help speed up the formation of roots. The place of the cut on an adult tree should be sprinkled with powdered wood ash.

However, in order for a sprouted fat woman to improve the well-being of the house, it is recommended to pay special attention to some rules.

The main points are:

  • When choosing a container, it is recommended to give preference to pots in red, black or green. Since the plant is small and the root system did not have time to grow, it is worth choosing small pots. So a container 12-15 cm deep is enough. The diameter of the container should not exceed 12 cm, a larger size will lead to the growth of the root system with inhibition of the growth of the aerial part;
  • Place coins on the bottom of the pot in an even number, as long as the bottom lasts. Currency and denomination are not important, it can be either rubles or cents and kopecks. It is important to place the coins correctly - with the digital signs down. A layer of drainage and substrate should be installed on top of the coins. It is worth burying the sprout no deeper than 6 cm, but no less than that, since there is a danger that the fat woman will fall out;
  • When disembarking, you should definitely speak out a conspiracy three times to attract financial energy. No matter which one, you can take any of the conspiracies of the Internet, it is important to put your faith in it;
  • After planting on the trunk of a flower, you should definitely tie a red thread or ribbon, which will help to enhance the monetary energy.

A properly planted tree will become a real magnet for finances, the main thing is to believe in it. To do this, it is enough to remember a few simple rules.

How to care for Crassula to attract money

When growing a fat woman, it is important to pay special attention to both planting and care.

Since, if the rules of care are not followed, even such a persistent flower can wither and damage the financial well-being of the family, it is recommended to pay special attention to care:

  • It is important to keep in mind that sometimes it is recommended to rotate the flower pot. This will help prevent the branches from pulling to one side;
  • Since this plant is native to Africa, it is recommended to provide the plant with abundant watering and sun. The best option is south or southeast. These windowsills are also suitable for a "money magnet" from the point of view of power engineers, since it is on the south side of the house that the energy of financial well-being converges;
  • When watering, it is important not to allow either drying out or waterlogging of the soil. In the summer, the land should be constantly moist. In winter, it is recommended to reduce the frequency of watering, it is enough to moisturize once a month or even two;
  • When placing pots, it is not recommended to place them next to cacti. This is due to the fact that these thorny flowers play the role of guardians of scrap and delay the flow of someone else's energy. And since Crassula attracts financial energy from the outside, a conflict arises that can spoil the energy background of the house;
  • When leaving, it is important to take into account that the fat woman, although she loves sunlight, does not tolerate direct sunlight, which can leave burns on the foliage. That is why it is recommended to darken the windows with gauze for the summer, which will provide the effect of dispersing the sun's rays.

Subject to the basic rules of care, the fat woman will delight not only with active growth, but also with an improvement in the financial condition of the house, we will watch a video with useful tips:

How to plant a money tree from a scion

There are several breeding options for Crassula. So it is recommended to cut the cuttings carefully, after which the shoot is recommended to be placed in water in order to take root.

For this you need:

  • Choose a branch with a length of at least ten centimeters and, cutting off excess leaves from its lower part, place the branch in a jar of water;
  • To activate root formation, it is worth using stimulants. However, even without additives, the cutting will start up the first roots after seven days from the moment of separation from the mother plant;
  • After the roots are strong enough, the shoot should be planted in a previously prepared substrate. The best substrate is for cacti or other succulents;
  • It is recommended to give preference to small pots, at the bottom of which a drainage layer of expanded clay or small pebbles must be installed. If necessary, it is worth using a support for a young sprout.

This option for planting a fat woman is known to many and is widespread in home gardening. Differs in high efficiency and growth rate of the seedling.

How to plant a fat woman without roots

Despite the fact that some gardeners are initially sure that without first germinating cuttings in water, the plant will not be able to germinate. However, it is possible to plant Crassula without first rooting. To do this, it is enough to choose a sprout no more than ten centimeters long. After cutting it off from the mother plant, dry it during the day.

Jigging is recommended in early spring. By the end of the day, the scion should be planted in a medium-sized pot, in which a drainage layer was previously laid.

On top of it, soil is poured, which can be purchased or made independently by mixing equal amounts of garden soil and sand.

A stalk is placed in a half-filled pot, cut down, after which the soil is poured so that at least a few centimeters remain to the edges of the pot.

It is important to consider that before the shoot sprouting, it is not recommended to overuse it with watering. The soil should be moist, but no stagnation of water, which will lead to root rot.

Such a process can be transplanted only after a year. Previously, it is not recommended to touch the bastard, as this will become stressful for the young seedling.

How to plant Crassula from a leaf

Growing a money tree from a leaf is a laborious task that only experienced gardeners can do. Since when using cuttings, an almost ready-made seedling is taken as a basis - this option is not difficult.

But growing an adult tree from a leaf will have to spend a lot of time and effort.

However, subject to a number of rules, this is also within the power of beginners.

For cultivation, it is recommended to give preference to healthy leaves, which must be broken off or cut off. In extreme cases, if you do not want to injure the flower, even fallen leaves should be used. Often leaves that have fallen into the pot will sprout on their own, so they are great for reproduction.

There are two main ways of planting Crassulas - with preliminary germination in water and in a substrate.

Each of the options has its own advantages. With preliminary germination in water, the likelihood that the seedling will take root increases significantly. The first roots with this option appear already on the seventh day.

The selected leaf is placed in a small container with water so that the stalk is immersed in it by a third. For confidence, you can add some stimulants to the water. After germination, the seedlings are transplanted into a pot.

If there is no time or desire to wait for the leaf to take root, you can immediately place the cutting in the substrate, systematically moisturizing it.

It is important to take into account that regardless of the chosen seating method, it should be produced in summer or spring. This is a period of increased growth, which is especially important when growing seedlings.

How to plant a money tree correctly, all the details, watch the video:

When to plant a money tree according to the lunar calendar

When planting plants, it is important to pay attention not only to the season and weather, but also to the phase of the moon. The moon growth period is considered suitable for planting a money tree. Landing Crassula on a waning moon leads to the fact that the flower will not attract financial energy, but, on the contrary, worsens the financial well-being of the house.

In addition to the lunar calendar, it is recommended to pay attention to the day of the week. Optimal for a fat woman is Wednesday.

It is important to consider that the money tree does not create the energy of money out of nowhere, but only attracts it. That is why power engineers recommend taking shoots in the home of wealthy people. This will not in the least affect their well-being, but it will significantly improve yours.

Growing a money tree to attract finance is subject to several nuances that should be considered. However, do not be afraid, everything is as difficult and scary as it might seem, even a novice gardener can handle it.

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