Fence to the country

Who thinks what is the best fence to put in the country?

And how realistic is it to come to an agreement with the neighbors, otherwise they are not particularly accommodating, and I want to change the fence for a long time, just of course, in an ideal scenario, it would be nice if we put the fence in half, but I don't really believe in this option.

If you have good relations with your neighbors, you can ask the neighbors for a partial payment. Nothing like that, not even standard practice. True, if you are going to make a brick fence or another expensive option, discuss it with your neighbors, maybe they don't need this.
We even have a chain-link and a wooden picket fence on the front side. Height 1.5 m, the entire installation of the fence was carried out by Zaborov Plant. The guys coped with the installation in two days.
Many set a metal profile, here it is for your taste.

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