Walnut - planting seeds and proper care of seedlings

Walnut - planting seeds and proper care of seedlings

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Walnut, or as it is also called voloshsky, is a plant that loves warmth and moisture. It is better to plant it in a soil with a moderate amount of moisture, containing carbonate and clay.

As it grows, the tree forms a powerful root system that penetrates deep into the soil layers. Let's find out how to properly plant a walnut with seeds, and how to care for it.


  1. Optimal conditions for growing nuts
  2. How to germinate a walnut in spring, preparing for planting
  3. Growing walnuts - the secrets of getting a harvest
  4. How to plant walnuts from seeds in the fall
  5. Walnut seedlings care

Optimal conditions for growing nuts

The main criteria for creating optimal growth conditions are: a sufficient amount of light, moderate moisture, the required amount of heat and soil composition.

The best soil for planting is one that contains turf, clay, sand, but whose acidity does not exceed 5.8pH.

Excessive heat for the tree is a factor that inhibits and inhibits active growth. By the way, it is worth noting that the winter temperature drop to -25 C, the plant tolerates normally.

With regards to light, the nut does not like shadow very much. Young nut shoots do not tolerate shading especially well. Young seedlings, unknowingly planted in a shady place, are likely to die. Mature plants that are in the shade most of the day will produce small yields.

The reason will be the formation of more male kidneys. At the same time, the number of female kidneys will be minimal.

The main quality of good and fast growth, as well as a rich harvest, can be considered a sufficient, but at the same time moderate amount of moisture. In regions with a temperate climate, there will be practically no problems with growing a tree.

Growing walnuts - the secrets of harvesting

One of the main concerns for novice gardeners is concern about how many plants of one species can be planted in one area.

Based on the fact that the culture belongs to the species pollinated by the wind and has male and female buds on the crown, we can conclude that several plants can and should be planted in one area, but different in variety and shape. For the reason that male and female buds have different flowering periods.

How to plant walnuts from seeds in the fall

The option of planting with seeds is a completely acceptable method and is in demand among amateur gardeners. This landing option has its significant advantages. For example, every tree grown from seed will inherit female genetics.

With other cultivation options, a similar gender can only be obtained in half of all planting cases. The presence of female genetics in the tree entails rapid growth and annual high-quality and abundant fruiting.

Seeds are planted in the autumn. With the onset of cold weather, the embryo of the nucleus will stop developing, undergo stratification and in the spring will give the most viable seedlings.

It is better to prepare the landing site several months before the procedure itself. You will need to design a pit 30 x 30 cm in size, in which you need to place: double superphosphate 1 cup, wood ash 1 cup, rotted humus 1 bucket.

Before submerging the seeds, the soil must be loosened and weeds and roots removed. It is better to place several nuts in each of the prepared holes. With the arrival of spring, it will become clear which of them gave weaker shoots.

These are the ones that will need to be removed. Planting must be done approximately 10 cm deep. After the hole is filled to the top with soil, it is worthwhile to water it abundantly.

Further care for plants planted in this way is minimized. The only thing you need to pay attention to is timely and sufficient watering during periods of drought. Fruiting in seedlings will begin after 6 years of development.

How to grow walnuts in spring, preparing for planting

In the first days of April, nuts are placed in a glass container and filled with water. The water in the container is changed in the evening and in the morning.

After that, the nuts are placed in a bucket filled with well-moistened sand and with holes made in advance on the sides and in the bottom. The temperature in the room with the bucket should be room temperature.

They should be in the sand for two weeks. During this period, sprouts will begin to appear from the nuts and the root system will begin to develop.

Closer to the third decade of April, germinated material can be transplanted into prepared holes for permanent residence. Planting is carried out with the roots down, to a depth of about 7 cm. The distance between the holes should be at least 10 m and no closer than 3 m to any of the buildings or structures on the site.

After planting, at least three weeks should pass before the first shoots appear. By the arrival of autumn, the seedlings will have reached 15 cm in height.

In the last month of summer, abundant watering of seedlings should not be carried out, as this will contribute to their further growth and may entail a poor perception of winter cold or even lead to complete freezing.

Walnut seedlings care

If desired or the need arises, the seedlings can be transplanted. But, it is advisable to do this procedure before the plant reaches 4 years of age.

When digging seedlings, you need to be extremely careful and careful in order to extract the root along with the adjacent soil and not damage it. After digging, it is placed in another previously prepared hole measuring 60 x 60 x 60.

When transplanting, it is important to immerse the plant in the soil at the same depth at which it grew earlier and place it in the same way in relation to the cardinal points. It is advisable to drive a stake into a new hole, to which, after planting, you need to tie a seedling, and then make abundant watering.

The crown formation of transplanted trees can be started only after a year of growth in this place.

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