Flower female happiness - leaves turn yellow, what to do, how to save spathiphyllum

Flower female happiness - leaves turn yellow, what to do, how to save spathiphyllum

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Spathiphyllum in the common people is called "female happiness." In the wild, it grows along the shores of reservoirs in South America and New Guinea.

The article will introduce you to the amazing spathiphyllum plant, the rules of care and reproduction, and will give you some useful tips.


  • Description of the plant
  • Popular varieties
  • Care rules
  • Diseases of spathiphyllum
  • Signs associated with the flower Women's happiness

Description of the plant

This houseplant can be easily identified among the rest of the inhabitants of the winter garden. It does not have a stem, the leaves grow directly from the ground, have a rich green color. The middle vein is clearly visible on the leaf plate.

The flower is a yellowish-white ear, surrounded by a snow-white leaf, in the form of a drop, located on a high peduncle. The white bedspread is sometimes decorated with greenish blotches. During flowering, it acquires a uniform green color.

Popular varieties

Spathiphyllum is not only an ornamental plant, but also useful:

  • able to clean the air of the room from the presence of toxic substances in it, such as: carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde, trichlorethylene, benzene
  • increases the humidity of the air, releasing into it substances that prevent the development of mold fungi.

Almost fifty varieties of Women's happiness are known to flower growers today, of which the most often found on window sills and in winter gardens:

Profusely blooming

It is a low bush. It has creamy flowers with a pleasant delicate aroma. The cover is much larger than the cob. It begins to bloom in March and ends in October. It was this feature that became the reason for such a name.


It is smaller in comparison with the richly flowering representative of this family. The flowers have narrow, elongated, pointed veils.


A snow-white blanket of a flower envelops an ear of yellow-green color. The leaves are large, their color is saturated, reminiscent of cannes. Has a pronounced aroma.


The plant has large, elongated leaves. The bedspread is greenish-white and resembles a flag. What was the reason for the second name "flagolite". It blooms profusely.


Representatives of this variety reach a height of up to one hundred centimeters. Their platinum plates have wavy edges, a glossy sheen, and are dyed dark green. The ear is almost two times smaller than the oval cover.

The presented species were used as a basis for breeding hybrid species, among which there are giants and dwarfs. Hybrid varieties are hardy, bloom for a long time and profusely.

Care rules

When buying a flower in a store specializing in the sale of indoor flowers, it must be transplanted, and this requires:

  • carefully prepare the ground
  • the soil mixture should consist of peat, sand, leafy soil and manure, taken in equal proportions. The mixture also contains ceramic chips and crushed birch charcoal.
  • the pot in diameter should exceed the previous one by a couple of centimeters. It must be remembered that the flower needs to be transplanted once a year. The pot needs to be increased with each transplant.
  • the hole designed to remove excess liquid must be covered with a shard with a bulge, and pebbles or expanded clay balls should be poured on top;

For the reproduction of Women's happiness, the bush can be divided into parts during transplantation. Soaking an earthen coma will help to simplify this procedure. The root collar should not be buried, because the spathiphyllum will cease to bloom. The size of the pot should be of such a size that it is a little crowded with the roots. After planting a sprout, compact the substrate and water thoroughly.

If the edges of the leaves dry out slightly, this is not scary, because the flower needs adaptation.

Women's happiness prefers northern windows, but in winter it can also be placed on the windowsills of southern windows. We must not forget - the direct rays of the sun can cause burns to the flower and cause diseases of the root system.

The main condition for maintaining the decorative appearance of the plant is bathing. It loves showers. Its foliage needs to be irrigated with a spray bottle. He really likes to be in the shade, warm, but not in stuffy atmosphere. In summer, the flower will have a comfortable temperature of + 22-24 degrees, and in winter - not lower than +17 degrees.

Women's happiness prefers moisture, but its excess can cause rotting of the root system. Experienced growers usually wait for the plant to ask for water by itself: dropping the leaves. Such a dry period is not harmful to him. When winter comes, watering is done less often, shower procedures are not carried out, only occasionally they are sprayed.

The plant needs regular feeding.

They need to be carried out when it builds up its green mass and blooms. Liquid fertilizers are perfect for this, they are diluted in the dose indicated on the package and watered with a pre-moistened earthen lump. Fertilization in the winter. Women's happiness does not need to be produced as often as in the summer. It will be enough just once for the entire period.

Spathiphyllum are afraid of drafts.

It is necessary to place pots with these flowers away from doors and vents. To increase the duration of flowering, old flower stalks need to be cut off at the very ground. This will make it possible to release new arrows. Simple but mandatory care will prolong the flowering period.

Diseases of spathiphyllum

Leaves turn yellow

What to do when the leaves of Women's happiness change their usual color to yellow? The reason for this is non-compliance with the watering regime: either the flower was not watered for a long time, or water was poured too often. For treatment, you need to streamline watering.

Another reason for the yellowing of foliage is the plant's need for vitamins and minerals. This flower usually suffers from magnesium deficiency. Feeding with magnesium sulfate will help him.

Leaves turn black

A similar phenomenon occurs when there is insufficient or excess fertilizer, when the air humidity in the room where the plant is located is low, when the plant is watered with the wrong water.

To prevent such manifestations, you need:

  • fertilize the plant every ten days from spring to autumn, and only once in winter;
  • water only with soft settled water;
  • remember about water procedures - water the flower from the shower weekly;
  • find a good spot for the spathiphyllum.

Flowers turn yellow or black

When such a sign appears, it is necessary to treat the soil with a foundation dissolved in water. Dissolve two drops of the drug in a liter of water and water the plant.

Leaves dry

When the leaves of a flower Feminine happiness begin to dry, it means that the room where it is located is too low humidity. Dry air is the main reason the leaves of the plant begin to dry out.

Spathiphyllums are often attacked by thrips, spider mites, mealybugs. Using regular soap and water will help get rid of harmful insects.

You just need to wash the foliage with the prepared solution. If a case of pest infestation is already running, then you need to use special chemicals that can be bought at a flower shop.

If the listed methods did not help the flower of Women's happiness, and it continues to die, you can try to revive it in such a way as transplanting. Remove the plant from the pot. Soak an earthen ball and free the roots from the earth. Divide the bush into parts, if possible, and put each of them in an opaque container with water.

Plants should remain in the water until new roots begin to grow. Then they can be planted in a new substrate.

Signs associated with the flower Women's happiness

This flower is called Women's happiness for a reason. It is believed that this houseplant can bring good luck and family well-being to its mistress. You cannot give your personal spathiphyllum to anyone, because in this way you will transfer your happiness into the wrong hands.

There is a sign that the desire will begin to be fulfilled when the bud opens. If the plant dries up, this is bad and is compared to a loss of happiness.

In a house in which there is a spathiphyllum, it is categorically impossible to quarrel and scandal. He feels negative energy and this causes him stress, which can lead to his death.

With careful handling of the plant, you can ask him to fulfill his wishes. In gratitude for the love and affection, the plant will fulfill the request. Women's happiness can be bought independently or received as a gift. You need to buy on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday - the so-called women's days. Only shoots can be gifted.

A flower specially purchased in order to give is able to help any woman to fulfill her desires. For example, an unmarried woman will find her love, a childless woman will become pregnant and give birth to a healthy child.

Growing spathiphyllum at home is not difficult. To do this, you need to properly care for him. Be loving and caring towards him, and he will respond in kind.

About why the leaves of spathiphyllum turn yellow and black and how to avoid such problems, in more detail - when watching the video:

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