What fragrant flowers for the garden should you pay attention to?

What fragrant flowers for the garden should you pay attention to?

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Wanting to decorate their garden or local area, each person selects plants in accordance with their taste. You can plant plants of the same color range or a wide variety of colors, or you can choose fragrant flowers for the garden, which will delight the eye not only with a view, but also with a wonderful aroma.


  • Annual scented flowers for the garden
  • Fragrant flowering perennials in the garden
  • Spicy and fragrant plants in the garden

Annual scented flowers for the garden

Among annual flowers, there are species that combine a beautiful appearance and a bewitching smell, these are, first of all:

  • levkoy or mattiola two-horned
  • mattiola gray
  • heliotrope peruvian
  • sweet pea
  • fragrant tobacco
  • fragrant mignonette

Mattiola two-horned - an annual flowering herb from the Cabbage family, the height of the shoots is about half a meter, the flowers are medium-sized, of four petals, one flower lives for about five days. Flowering begins in early summer and stops only with the onset of frost, attractive with a pleasant aroma that begins to appear in the evening hours.

It is grown from seeds, can be sown before winter or spring, it is completely undemanding to care for, enough weeding and watering in drought, if fed with mineral mixtures, then flowering will be more intense, ideal for resting places, can be planted near gazebos, open verandas.

Sweet pea or fragrant rank is a plant from the legume family, most often grown in an annual culture, shoots can be either long, up to 2 m, curly and requiring vertical support, or short, growing without support, flowers of various colors:

  • whites
  • red
  • lavender
  • purple
  • salmon
  • pink

The flowers have five petals, folded in the form of a butterfly, collected in inflorescences-brushes or arranged one by one, have a delicate exquisite smell, stand well in water, the plant is frost-resistant, is planted in mid-May with seeds in the ground, the seeds are soaked in water a day before planting.

You can sow on seedlings in March, unpretentious in care, but loves moisture and requires additional watering. As a rule, curly forms with small flowers are more fragrant than modern large-flowered varieties, although there are varieties with a wonderful smell in this group too. The fragrant rank brings bright colors to any landscape.

Peruvian heliotrope is a thermophilic plant from the tropics of South America, flowers, often blue or purple, have a very pleasant vanilla aroma, grown through seedlings in an annual culture, uterine bushes can be preserved in winter and propagated by cuttings in spring.

Fragrant flowering perennials in the garden

Perennial flowering plants with a pleasant aroma are good because after planting in the garden for several years they will delight the owner and his guests not only with the brightness of the flowers, but also with the aroma. Such plants include:

  • pion
  • alissum
  • reddish clover
  • lily
  • honeysuckle honeysuckle
  • lilies of the valley
  • chrysanthemums
  • lush carnation

Alyssum or beetroot - a garden flower from the Cabbage family, has many decorative varieties, most often undersized or ground cover, from 10 to 30 cm in height, shoots branch well, flowers are small, collected in inflorescences - umbrellas, medium-sized leaves, grayish-green, color of flowers white, light yellow.

The plant is unpretentious, grown from seeds by sowing before winter or spring, attracts flower lovers with a well-pronounced smell of honey, is suitable for decorating garden paths, flower beds, is used as a ground cover plant that covers the ground with a snow-white fragrant carpet.

Red or reddish clover is a plant from the legume family, in the shape of an inflorescence little similar to pink clover or meadow clover, inflorescences are large, elongated - ovoid, up to 10 cm long, collected from small narrow flowers, flowering time June - September, have a pleasant smell, a bit like the smell of roses or wild rose hips.

Can be grown in partial shade, propagated by seed or dividing the bush, suitable for natural garden corners. Peonies are perennial rhizomatous plants, the ground part dies off annually, and in the spring the growth of new shoots begins, propagates by the root, is planted before winter, the plant has many varieties, the flowers are large, fragrant, the smell is pleasant, sweet, the flowers are almost always single, can be double, simple , semi-double, flowering time from the end of May - June.

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Lush carnation is a perennial frost-resistant plant, has creeping rhizomes, thin long stems, large fragrant flowers of pink or lilac color, when grown in a garden is unpretentious, can become an adornment of rocky gardens and hills, has several varieties.

Spicy and fragrant plants in the garden

In addition to fragrant flowers, you can find a place in the garden for herbaceous plants, which not only smell good, but can also be used in cooking or traditional medicine. Many of the herbs have a scent that has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and helps to cope with overexcitation. This is primarily:

  • oregano
  • lavender
  • tarragon
  • Melissa
  • mint
  • basil

Oregano or oregano is a perennial herbaceous rhizome plant, stems are straight, slightly pubescent, with a height of 30 to 70 cm, the plant got its Russian name for a very pleasant smell of leaves and small tubular pink or purple flowers collected in thyroid inflorescences at the top of the peduncles. Flowering time late June - August, grown through sowing seeds in the ground.

Lavender is a plant that attracts with blue, blue, purple flowers and a pleasant smell of exquisite perfume, has many ornamental varieties and is grown as a perennial, is used as a spice and medicinal plant, prefers to grow in sunny places with fertile soil, planting and cultivation is possible by seedlings and sowing directly into the ground.

blooms in July-August, dried inflorescences can be placed as sachets in linen closets. Tarragon or tarragon is a spicy plant from the genus Wormwood, the stems can be up to 150 cm tall, the leaves are narrow, the flowers are pale yellow, collected in panicles, flowering begins at the end of July and lasts until September, it can grow aggressively, so it is advisable to grow there, where there is a lot of space, in one place it grows for up to ten years, has a peculiar, but pleasant smell.

In addition to all of the above, flowering fragrant shrubs such as roses, rose hips, lilacs, and jasmine can be placed in the garden. Of course, they will require a little more care from the gardener, but in combination with annual and perennial herbaceous plants that reveal flowers not only in different seasons, but also at different times of the day, they will make the garden fragrant from early spring to late autumn.

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