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An effective remedy for two-tails on the site

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Most insects like to live side by side with humans. That is why it is necessary to get rid of these pests in a timely manner.


  • Description of two-tails, how they are dangerous
  • How to get rid of dvuhvostok in a private house and in the country?
  • Remedy for dvuhvostok in the apartment
  • Remedy for two-tails in the garden

Description of two-tails, how they are dangerous

The two-tailed insect is up to 2 centimeters long. They are characterized by the presence of a segmented brown body. On its last link there are two pincers that resemble tweezers in appearance. There are no eyes on the head of the two-tail.

Two-tails in most cases live in damp and humid conditions.

In private houses and apartments, in most cases, insects settle in bathrooms or kitchens. At summer cottages, the dvuhvostok can be seen in sheds and various utility rooms. Two-tailed insects are non-aggressive insects. They can only bite a person if they sense danger.

How to get rid of dvuhvostok in a private house and in the country?

To eliminate dvuhvostok in private houses and dachas, it is recommended to use special tools. Bourne balls are most commonly used. This is a fairly effective tool that is developed on the basis of boric acid. Since the main component in its pure form is dangerous to human health, it is recommended to mix it first with the yolk.

Balls roll from the resulting mixture, which must be laid out around the house. To combat insects in a private house, the use of herbal infusions is recommended. In this case, it is recommended to use herbs that have a strong smell - yarrow, wormwood, tansy. An infusion is prepared on the basis of these plants.

A small amount of soap solution must be added to it. The resulting product is widely used to treat cracks, door and window openings, etc. In order to get rid of two-tails forever, you need to find their cracks and eliminate them. The fight against parasites in the country can be carried out using a variety of means, the choice of which directly depends on the wishes of the person.

Remedy for dvuhvostok in the apartment

If insects are observed in an apartment, then this requires the use of effective, but safe control methods.

In most cases, for this purpose, the application is carried out:

  1. Chalk from cockroaches. With the help of this insecticide, an effective fight against a variety of pests is carried out. Chalk is used for processing skirting boards, window sills, corners, thresholds.
  2. Dichlorvos. If this tool is not at hand, then it can be replaced with concentrated analogues. Before processing the apartment, children and animals must be eliminated. After the procedure, it is forbidden to stay in the apartment for 3-4 hours.
  3. Folk remedies. Take 1 glass of onions and garlic, which are pre-chopped and poured with boiling water. After insisting the product for 24 hours, it is recommended to strain it and use it to process the apartment. This can be done with a spray bottle or by wet cleaning.

If all of the above methods are ineffective, then a person needs to seek help from a specialized sanitary service. Its specialists will carry out a thorough processing of the apartment, which will eliminate the two-strand as soon as possible.

Remedy for two-tails in the garden

Quite an hour then two-tails parasitize in the ground. In this case, it is recommended to carry out its thorough processing. In order to eliminate insects in private houses and dachas, you must adhere to certain rules. Most often, traps in the form of damp rags and newspapers are set to eliminate two-tails. Insects will accumulate under them.

After a certain time, it is necessary to raise the trap and eliminate the insect. Under old trees, foliage and branches, two-tails are most often found. That is why it is recommended to carry out regular cleaning of the territory.

The garden plot needs periodic digging. This will make it possible to eliminate insects that are hiding in the ground for wintering. The fight against two-tails in most cases is carried out using a mechanical path. That is why most gardeners pick them by hand. Of the folk methods, solutions of plants such as onions and garlic are quite effective.

If a person does not have enough time to prepare them, then it is recommended to use store-bought insecticides. In most cases, Karbofos or Phosbecid is used for this purpose. The use of these drugs should be carried out in accordance with the instructions.

The fight against dvuhvostki in the summer cottage should consist in performing a certain set of procedures. Two-tails are quite unpleasant parasites that must be fought in a timely manner. In this case, you can use concentrated folk remedies or finished preparations.

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