Tomato Lezhebok f1: reviews and description of the variety

Tomato Lezhebok f1: reviews and description of the variety

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Many summer residents are puzzled by the question of what kind of tomato to plant so that the fruits are kept fresh for the maximum period of time. It fully lives up to its name, since in a cool place ripe fruits can be kept fresh until the New Year.

Your guests will undoubtedly be surprised by the aromatic and tasty fruits harvested in their own garden. We will analyze everything you need to know about this variety of tomatoes and caring for them in the article.


  • Characteristics of the variety Lezhebok f1
  • Features of planting and care
  • Variety reviews

Characteristics of the variety Lezhebok f1

The f1 slicker belongs to the varieties that were bred not so long ago, but, despite this, are already widely popular. The species belongs to the category of long-stored tomatoes. A mid-early variety, 3.5-4 months pass from the period of the first shoots to full ripening.

The f1 plow is perfect for both greenhouse and open field planting. The maximum height of the bush is 1.3 meters, the number of leaves on it is average. According to the recommendations of experienced gardeners, it is best to form 2-3 stems in order to get the maximum yield.

The first flowering is usually laid at a height of 8-9 leaves, and then every few leaves. As for the fruits, the average weight of tomatoes of this variety is 150-180 grams. They are fleshy, deep red, dense. When ripe, they do not crack, and do not deteriorate if they are properly cared for.

In addition, their high density helps to preserve tomatoes until the winter cold. Tomatoes are great for transportation, storage, conservation. They have an excellent sweet-sour taste that not all hybrids can boast of. There are a lot of fruits on the bush, taking into account the small weight of the tomato, they can be harvested up to 9 kg from 1 sq. m. This figure is considered to be quite high.

The first fruits are perfect for salads, cooking various dishes, at the end of summer, when there are especially a lot of tomatoes, you can preserve them according to a standard recipe. But just put the last tomatoes in a box in one layer, and put it in a cool dark place. This could be a pantry or a cellar. In this case, you will be able to enjoy delicious tomatoes harvested in your own garden for a long time.

Features of planting and care

To get a good harvest, special attention should be paid to planting a plant. It is necessary to plant the cultivar Lezhebok f1 in the ground according to the scheme of 50:40 cm, while the density of the planted bushes should not exceed 8-9 plants per square meter. Landing begins in late May or early June, while it is very important that the earth is warm enough, warmed up by the sun.

Otherwise, the tomatoes will not grow. In order to plant tomatoes correctly, you need to adhere to the following algorithm:

  1. Make markings on the area you plan to plant with tomatoes. It will help not only to correctly distribute the seedlings over the site, but also to make your garden systematized and well-groomed.
  2. Dig shallow holes according to the markings and water the soil. It is not recommended to plant tomatoes in the part of the garden where potatoes grew last year. It leaves behind an acidic soil that tomatoes do not like at all.
  3. Land that was fertilized with ash or compost in the fall is ideal.
  4. Place the sprout in moist soil, sprinkle it with earth, and compact it slightly with your fingers.

After that, you just have to periodically water the plant, and make sure that there are no weeds on its territory. The plant needs relatively little moisture, but if there is an excess or, on the contrary, absence, the fruits will rot and you will not get the expected harvest.

Variety reviews

Variety Lezhebok f1 has both positive and negative reviews from summer residents who have already managed to plant this type of tomato on their own plot. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Maria R. “I planted the cultivar Lezhebok f1 on her own plot specifically for the purpose of storing the fruit for a long period of time. All the bushes that were planted grew beautiful and strong, 1.5 meters in height, and such a picture was simply pleasing to the eye. Each plant formed 5-6 clusters with fruits, 5-7 pieces each. They all ripened almost at the same time.

Video on how to get a good harvest:

As for the taste, we were not satisfied with it, we would like to feel the bright sourness inherent in tomatoes. In addition, I was surprised by another fact - by the middle of autumn, the seeds inside the tomatoes began to germinate, despite the fact that they were stored in a cool place. This incident crossed out all the advantages of the plant, and discouraged the desire to eat the fruits. "

Alexander G. “I planted the f1 Lezhebok variety for the first time, hoping for a large number of tomatoes and their resistance to transportation. The variety has fully justified itself. All summer in the country they used them to prepare salads, and then they put the box in the basement, where he successfully stayed until winter. But when there is a blizzard outside the window, a salad of fresh tomatoes, collected in their own area, cheers up more than ever. "

Konstantin S. “planted a large number of bushes of this variety for the purpose of selling the fruit. The result suited me completely. Fruits on all bushes ripen almost the same, and are perfectly preserved. During transportation, losses were minimal, and that was the fault of the loaders. "

As you can see, the tomato has a large number of positive sides and reviews, therefore, whether to use it in your own garden is up to you. Before planting, analyze the goals you are striving for, and only then choose the variety that meets these goals.

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