How to plant a geranium with a shoot at home?

How to plant a geranium with a shoot at home?

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According to modern taxonomy, the Geranium family includes five genera. Let's try to figure out how to plant a geranium with a shoot and grow a full-fledged flowering plant from it.


  • Geranium propagation
  • How to cut and prepare a geranium shoot
  • Rooting and caring for geranium shoots

Geranium propagation

Plants from the genus Geranium and from the genus Pelargonium are best known to gardeners and florists. Geraniums are ubiquitous in the wild and in gardens, while Pelargoniums are most often used to decorate homes as potted plants. These African natives in the open field can only exist in the summer months. Mistakenly, indoor pelargonium is used to call geranium.

Both geranium and pelargonium reproduce in two main ways:

  • generative, that is, seeds
  • vegetative, that is, various parts of an adult plant

Not all geraniums can be propagated by seeds. This method is used in amateur breeding of geranium and pelargonium with simple non-double flowers. For propagation of varietal and hybrid geraniums, they use a vegetative propagation method.

Of the vegetative breeding methods, propagation by rooted shoots is most suitable for indoor royal, fragrant and some zonal geraniums. Important! Indoor geraniums can grow in a pot for up to 10 years.

However, the flower is very often stretched, the lower part of the stem is exposed and the plant loses its attractiveness. An elongated flower has to be grown again, cutting off a stalk from it and rooting it in any way. In addition, rare species can be propagated by shoots, which are quite expensive to buy in the store.

How to cut and prepare a geranium shoot

When is it better to cut a stalk for rooting

Since the plant is almost all year long indoors, you can cut a stalk from it at any time. However, due to the lack of natural light in the fall and winter, such a shoot can not only give roots for a very long time, but it can stretch decently over the fall and winter.

Sometimes the rooting process can be delayed due to the fact that the mother bush has fallen into a dormant state. Therefore, it is most convenient to start propagating the plant by shoots at the end of winter. The best time to get and root the scion is mid-spring to early summer. Sometimes this can also be done in August, when the plant ends its flowering period.

How to prepare a cutting

If the mother plant has time to collect buds, then the peduncles must be removed before harvesting the cuttings. You will need a sharp, clean knife to cut the cutting. Its blade must be treated with an alcohol-based liquid.

Cut off a part of the shoot up to 7-8 cm long. Most often, the apical part is suitable for cutting. The cut is made just below the internode. Important! The cut should have at least 3-4 internodes or full leaves. Do not rush and immediately put the cutting in water for rooting or drop it into the ground.

He needs to be given time to just lie down in the open air. Any place inaccessible to direct sunlight is suitable for this. After the cut part of the plant has lain for three to four hours, you need to sprinkle the sections with any root former or coal crushed into dust. After that, you can start rooting geraniums.

Rooting and caring for geranium shoots

There are two ways to get roots from a shoot. Some growers simply put the cutting in a glass of water and wait for the roots to appear. However, excess moisture can provoke black leg disease in geraniums and destroy the process. For prevention, you can add a little crushed coal to the water. To speed up the process, it is best to take a container that is dark and opaque.

As soon as the roots appear, and this can take from 14 to 30 days, the shoot is transplanted into a pot of soil and looked after as an adult flower. However, this rooting method has limitations. For example, royal geraniums may be rootless for up to 35 to 40 days. During this time, the processes can either get sick or even begin to rot.

Therefore, rooting is carried out in the ground. Fill a suitable pot with a mixture of universal soil, sand and vermiculite. We must not forget to check the presence of drainage holes in the pot. On the eve, the soil is spilled with very hot water with potassium permanganate. A hole is made in the center with a stick or pencil.

If you plan to root several shoots in one pot at the same time, then the holes should be made closer to the edges. Having installed the appendix in the hole to a depth of 2.0 - 2.5 cm, the earth around it is well compacted. After that, the pot is moved to a window where there is enough light, but no direct sun. As a rule, you do not need to cover with a bag or jar of geranium.

This is done only if the leaves begin to dry out. As soon as the state of the leaves has returned to normal under the transparent cover, it is removed. During the rooting period, the shoot should be watered regularly, but very sparingly. When watering overhead, water should be avoided on the leaves. You can use bottom watering by placing the pot for half an hour - an hour in a pan of water.

If the pot is opaque and visually young roots cannot be seen, then the appearance of new young leaves will indicate the success of rooting. After that, the young seedling is transplanted into a pot with light loose soil, placed on the east or west window. Considering that Africa is the homeland of the plant, geranium should not be overly flooded with water.

In the summer, the plant feels good on loggias and balconies. In winter, it is better to place the pot in a room where the temperature is not higher than 14-15 degrees and reduce watering. If everything is done correctly, then the next season the bush will delight the first flowering.

Geranium breeding video:

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