DIY crafts for home and garden: original ideas

DIY crafts for home and garden: original ideas

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In the summer, most gardeners and truck farmers go to the country to take a break from the bustle of the city. The backyard territory can be originally decorated using do-it-yourself decor. The site will be not only beautiful and well-maintained, but also functional.


  • Original cottage decor ideas
  • Crafts from improvised means
  • What you need to work
  • Tire swan: step-by-step manufacturing instructions
  • How to make a palm tree from plastic bottles: stages of work

Original cottage decor ideas

Garden decor can be purchased at a specialty store, but you can make it yourself from old unnecessary items and other scrap materials. All family members can be involved in the process. There are many options for decorating the local area, so you need to show imagination and creative skills.

Old suitcases, chairs, basins, garden tools and other items that have outlived their life can become a beautiful decoration for a garden plot, which will give it an unusual and unique look. Large boulders or pebbles can be used to create decorative fences or animal shapes. The most popular garden decor options are plastic bottles.

They are easy to bend, paint and cut. On a personal plot, you can make various animal figures: hares, frogs, penguins, flowers, etc.

A palm tree from bottles will look unusual and original. An old bucket, pots, basin, watering can, car tire can be used as a container for planting flowers. Very aesthetic things can be created from wood - garden furniture from branches or logs, fairy-tale characters, etc.

Thanks to the original garden decor elements, you can transform the site and not spend at all on the purchase of various decorations for the garden. This is not the whole list of original garden decorating ideas. You can fantasize, look for your own original ideas and experiment.

Crafts from improvised means

Before starting the implementation of interesting ideas, you should conduct an audit of the old things that are on the farm. Crafts for a summer residence perform not only a decorative, but also a practical function. It is much more pleasant to work on the site, receive guests and arrange a tea party, contemplating on the creations made by yourself.

An old and unsightly object can be given a new attractive look with the help of multi-colored paints. The old teapot can be painted in a solid color, the eyes and mouth can be painted. At the exit we will get a teapot from a children's cartoon about a beauty and a beast.

A snail can be made from an ordinary stick in the form of a slingshot. The round stone will be the snail's house, and the stick will be its body. Any craft made from scrap materials can be used not only as a decoration, but also as an independent element. For example, you can make a swan out of an old tire, and plant flowers inside.

Design can be varied and extraordinary things can be created from simple objects. Below is the technology for making a swan from an old tire and a palm tree from plastic bottles.

What you need to work

Taking into account what kind of decor you plan to create, you need to prepare the appropriate tools. For a bottle palm, you need a lot of green and brown plastic 2-liter bottles. The size of the palm tree and its splendor depend on the number of bottles. You should also prepare a clerical knife, tape, scissors, rope and a metal base with rods.

To create a swan, you will need the following materials and tools:

  • Old tire
  • Knife
  • Jigsaw
  • Electric drill
  • Pliers
  • a piece of chalk
  • Metal rod
  • Paint

From the tires, you can take an old, worn tire. The material should be worn out as it is easier to work with. It is recommended to choose tires with nylon cord, as they are easy to cut with a knife, unlike imported rubber.

Tire swan: step-by-step manufacturing instructions

It is not difficult to make a swan out of an old tire, the main thing is to follow the sequence of work. The tire should be pre-cleaned, washed and dried.

Swan marking. First, cut the splint in half with chalk and outline the beak, neck and head. The length of the beak should be about 9 cm, and the length of the head should be about 10 cm. The width of these parts is 4 cm and 8 cm, respectively. The length of the swan's neck with a wheel circumference of 180 cm is 95 cm.

Cutting. This is the most time-consuming job that requires not only skill in working with tools, but also patience. Cutting should be done from the base of the neck to the head. You can use a sharp knife, jigsaw or, if necessary, a grinder. Cut the tire at the same time on both sides. The edges of the workpiece must be processed.

Assembling a swan. Put the workpiece with the cut part down and press down with your foot. Then turn the side parts up, and press the central part to the ground. To strengthen the swan's neck and head, make paired holes at a distance of 15 cm from the top to the base. Then thread the staples through them and lay a metal rod, which will subsequently be connected by them. To give the desired shape to the tail and neck, bend the rod.

Finished product painting. At the end of the main work, you should check the swan for sharp edges and protruding wires. You can paint a swan white or black. Make the swan's beak red, and make the eyes out of wide bolts. It is important to choose the right paint so that it is resistant to weathering. Such a swan can become a decoration of a flower bed, a small pond.

How to make a palm tree from plastic bottles: stages of work

An exotic palm tree will become a truly original decoration of the backyard area. Making a palm tree from bottles is very simple. Before work, you should clean the bottles from the labels.

The main stages of work:

  • Barrel assembly
  • Making leaves
  • Barrel assembly

Creation of leaves. Cut the bottle into 2 parts. The bottom will not be needed, and the top will be foliage. Next, cut longitudinal small strips to the neck. Repeat this process with each bottle. After that, the foliage is strung on top of each other, fastened with a rope. Then screw the cork to the first and last bottle and thread a tourniquet through it for tight fastening.

Barrel assembly. It must be strong and durable so that the palm does not fall under the gust of the wind. As a base, you can use a metal platform or immerse the future tree in the ground 50 cm. Cut off the lower part from brown bottles and make wide cuts along the neck. There should be 6 cuts from each bottle. They are fastened together with a rope.

Palm tree formation. Put the barrel of plastic bottles vertically on a metal stick. Next, fix the foliage in the upper part and distribute it evenly in all directions. Attachment to the trunk is carried out using tape and a bundle.

A palm tree from plastic bottles is ready. This evergreen tree will give your backyard an original and unique look.

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