Popular early varieties of tomatoes for indoor and outdoor

Popular early varieties of tomatoes for indoor and outdoor

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Tomatoes are among the top three most popular vegetable crops next to cucumbers and cabbage. Despite the fact that this culture is thermophilic, the new varieties allow you to get a harvest of tomatoes when grown in open and closed ground, even in regions with unstable weather and a temperate climate. We will try to find out which early varieties of tomatoes are most suitable for personal gardens for this.


  • Early ripe tomatoes with limited shoot growth for open ground
  • Early ripening tomato varieties with unlimited shoot growth
  • Early ripening tomato varieties for greenhouses

Early ripe tomatoes with limited shoot growth for open ground

All varieties and hybrids of tomatoes can be divided into groups according to the ripening period. Super-early tomatoes begin to ripen already on the eightieth day after the emergence of friendly shoots. Common early varieties ripen generally between 95 and 100 days. Despite the huge number of varieties, every amateur vegetable grower tries to choose those that combine not only early maturity, but also a number of other qualities:

  • taste
  • yield
  • immune to disease
  • resistance to adverse weather
  • marketable condition
  • transportability

Early maturing varieties for open ground with determinant, that is, with limited shoot growth, combining the above properties, include:

  • Paradise
  • Pearl
  • Irishka
  • Maksimka
  • Monastic meal
  • Harmony
  • Skorospelka
  • Ephemer

Variety "Skorospelka"

It fully corresponds to its name, since under favorable weather conditions and with the very minimum care, it begins to ripen already at 70 - 75 days. The shape of the fruit is round, slightly flattened. The color is red. The peduncle has no green spot. On the cut, the color of the flesh is red. Tomatoes of this variety have a sweet taste with a pronounced tomato smell. Fruits are resilient, weighing 60 - 80 grams, tolerate transportation well.

The bush is compact, about half a meter high. The shoots are strong. It does not need special formation, however, to increase the yield, it is better to remove the first 2-3 stepsons. The variety is resistant to disease. Can be safely attributed to the varieties about which they say "planted and forgot". The purpose of Skorospelka tomatoes is universal. They are good both fresh and for making juices, tomato paste, and various dishes.

Hybrid "Ephemer F 1"

Very early hybrid with limited growth. The height of the shoots does not exceed 45 cm. Ripening occurs 80 days after the germination of the seeds. The fruits are round, bright red, without a green spot near the peduncle. The pulp is firm, sweet. Fruit size is 80 - 100 grams.

The Ephemer hybrid is resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes, including late blight. The variety is fruitful, from 1 sq. m you can remove up to 10 kg of tomatoes. You can grow it without removing stepchildren and forming bushes.

Early ripening tomato varieties with unlimited shoot growth

Tall early tomatoes with unlimited growth, although they require growing on trellises and some efforts to form bushes, however, surpass low-growing varieties in yield. These include:

  • Big Beef F 1
  • Barmaley
  • Green doctor
  • Admiral F1
  • Dandy F 1

Variety "Barmaley"

Especially popular with lovers of pink-colored tomatoes. Ripens at 98 - 100 days. Shoots with unlimited growth reach a height of up to 2.0 m. Fruits are round, slightly flattened, large, up to 200 - 300 grams in weight. The taste of this variety is excellent. Fruits are resistant to cracking.

The taste is sweet, the purpose is salad, suitable for juices. Good yield, when placed on 1 sq. m of three plants, more than 16 kg of fruit can be harvested. It is recommended to grow in 1-2 stems with the obligatory removal of the stepsons and fastening to the trellis. To obtain fruits of a leveled size, the ovary must be rationed.

To do this, it is better to leave no more than 5 ovaries in the brush. If the watering and feeding regime is observed, the quality of the fruits and the yield increase.

Variety "Green Doctor"

A very interesting variety with cherry-like fruits. The height of the shoots is 1.8 - 2.0 m. The fruits are collected in clusters, the length of the brushes reaches 30 cm. The size of the fruits is small, the weight is not more than 10 - 15 grams. The color of ripe fruits is green, from light green to dark olive, yellow tones may appear at the stage of full ripeness. According to the taste of the fruit, the variety belongs to the sweetest tomatoes. To get a good harvest, it is imperative to remove stepchildren.

Fully ripe green tomatoes are beneficial for people who are allergic to red tomatoes. In addition, the increased content of green pigment has a positive effect on the body, removes toxins, and regulates metabolism. The variety is universal, suitable for making ketchup and tomato juice of an unusual green color.

Hybrid "Frant F1"

The hybrid is tall, with shoots up to 2.5 meters long. For tomato lovers, it is interesting in the shape of the fruit that resembles a heart. The fruits are large, with an average weight of 300 - 400 grams. The color is bright, red. The appointment is universal. The hybrid is suitable for fresh consumption and for obtaining juices, tomato paste, ketchup. Good for home canning in salads.

Video on how to choose the best varieties of early tomatoes:

This variety must be grown in 1-2 shoots with the obligatory fixing on the trellis. The variety is responsive to regular feeding. If the early varieties for open ground will be grown through seedlings, then the sowing of seeds should be carried out in late March - early April. Transplant seedlings into the ground at the age of 60 days after the threat of frost passes. Direct sowing of early tomatoes in the ground can be carried out in the second half of May.

Early ripening tomato varieties for greenhouses

To get the earliest tomatoes in early June, it is advisable to have a greenhouse or film shelter. Sowing seeds for seedlings for growing early tomatoes in a greenhouse is carried out in the last days of February.

Seedlings can be transplanted into greenhouses already at the end of April. Thus, the first crop of early greenhouse varieties will give in late May - early June, when the early varieties for open ground will only be transplanted to the garden bed. The best early tomato varieties for greenhouse facilities are:

  • Greenhouse early maturing F 1
  • Superstar
  • Mandarin duck
  • Meal
  • Green grapes
  • Sugar plum raspberry

Variety "Green grapes"

The author of this variety is the American breeder Tom Wagner. The variety was introduced in 1978. For modern tomato lovers, it is interesting in the color and shape of the fruit. In full maturity, they are green in color with yellow spots. The pulp in the cut is a bright emerald color.

Oval shape, weight up to 60 grams. The taste is very sweet, the fruits are juicy with a bright tomato smell. The variety is convenient for small greenhouses and film shelters, since the height of its shoots is no higher than 1.2 m. Shoot growth is determinant. Sprawling bush.

Variety "Mandarin"

An early cultivar for greenhouses. Refers to varieties with unlimited shoot growth. It is best to grow in one stem with the obligatory pinching of the growing point. The bushes are vigorous, the height is more than 2 m. Removing the stepchildren and tying the shoots to the trellis are required. Fruit ripening begins on the 90th day. The fruits are collected in a brush. Each brush contains at least 10 pieces.

The color of ripe tomatoes of the "Mandarin" variety is bright, orange. These tomatoes taste very sweet. The advantage of the variety is its unpretentiousness and the ability to give a good harvest even with errors in care. When choosing tomato seeds for a personal garden, it should be remembered that for early varieties it is enough to allocate no more than 10% of the entire area intended for growing this crop.

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