Tomato "Mystery of Nature": features and benefits of the variety


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A variety of tomatoes "The Mystery of Nature" appeared in 2008 in the city of Novosibirsk. This region is characterized by a very changeable climate, during the summer period it can be extremely dry, or, conversely, with constant torrential rains and high humidity, with high temperatures that last for months, or with coolness unusual for summer.

That is why this variety is characterized by increased resistance to climate change, which does not affect its growth or taste in any way. At any ambient temperature, the tomato will give an excellent rich harvest.


  • Description of the variety "Mystery of Nature"
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the variety
  • Features of growing tomato
  • Benefit and application in traditional medicine, cooking

Description of the variety "Mystery of Nature"

The fruits of the tomato are large and have a rather interesting color: on top of the yellow layer only in some places passes the pink tint, but in the section you will see a beautiful, uniform pale pink color. They taste sugary, with a slight pleasant sourness. Outwardly, the fruits are even, large. The yield from 1 m2 can reach 20 kg, provided that ideal growth conditions are observed.

Originally developed for cultivation in greenhouses and under film, where the stem can reach 2 meters in height. But even when planted in open ground, the "Mystery of Nature" will delight you with large and tasty fruits.

The ripening period of the fruit is 108-110 days, which is a fairly short period for large fruits. Another distinctive feature is that the variety bears fruit evenly and for a long time, as far as the growing season allows it. The Mystery of Nature is perfect for fresh consumption, in salads. It is better to preserve it in the form of tomato juice or sauce, because of the large size of the fruit, it is unrealistic to place it whole in a jar.

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

Like any variety, "The Riddle of Nature" has its advantages and disadvantages that you need to know before starting to grow a variety. Let's take a closer look at them. Positive aspects of the variety:

  • High yield level
  • Excellent taste: sweetish with pleasant sourness
  • Resistant to changes in temperature and humidity. These indicators do not affect the yield and fruit size in any way.
  • Juicy fruits, perfect for tomato juice and sauce
  • Original colors

But there are a number of disadvantages to consider:

  1. In massive fruits, the stalk is corresponding, so it will sometimes be difficult to harvest with your hands, so take scissors or a knife with you to the garden.
  2. The fruit has a rather delicate skin, so you need to store them very carefully and eat or process them as quickly as possible.
  3. The stems are tall, so you need to tie them up. To whom, during the ripening period, each brush needs a garter or additional support due to the large weight that the plant cannot always withstand on its own.

As you can see, there are much more positive aspects than negative ones, and the disadvantages are not so global, and boil down to the usual care and careful storage of fruits.

Features of growing tomato

You need to plant seeds for seedlings about 2 months before planting in a permanent place. During this period, the seeds need a moist environment, light and warmth. From sowing to disembarkation, on average, 50-60 days pass. During this time, the seeds will germinate, get stronger and take root.

After this period, seedlings can be planted in open ground. Remember, this type of tomato is tall, they need props, so you need to plant sprouts no more than 3 pieces per 1 m2. The first brush with fruits will appear after 8-9 leaves, the next after 3 more leaves, and so on. Remember that each brush with fruits must be tied up, otherwise it will simply break off.

To increase the yield level, it is imperative to pinch the tomatoes, leaving no more than 4-5 flowers on the bush. In addition, the “Riddle of Nature” tomato responds well to various kinds of feeding and fertilization, thanks to an extremely large yield of high-quality and tasty tomatoes.

Benefit and application in traditional medicine, cooking

Like most large pink tomatoes, Riddle of Nature tastes rather sweet, and the tomato itself is fleshy. Despite this, the variety belongs to the dietary varieties, as it contains a little purine acids, which is a characteristic quality for yellow tomatoes.

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In addition, the high content of beta-carotene has a positive effect on the state of the thyroid gland and increasing human immunity. Thus, combining the best qualities of both types, this variety can be called almost ideal. Often used tomato "Riddle of Nature" and in folk medicine. Here are some examples:

  1. If metabolism is disturbed, 1 kg of ripe tomatoes, 300 grams of garlic, horseradish and Antonov apples should be minced, mix and take 2 tablespoons in the morning on an empty stomach.
  2. To cure a cough without medication, you can mince 1 kg of ripe tomatoes "The Mystery of Nature", 100 grams of garlic and horseradish, and take 1 teaspoon three times a day 20 minutes before meals. It is better to store the medicine in the refrigerator.
  3. In order to get rid of anemia, you need to drink 1 glass of tomato juice 15 minutes before meals. A large amount of minerals and trace elements quickly restore the desired level of hemoglobin in the blood.

In addition, excellent preparations for the winter are obtained from this variety. I would especially like to highlight the delicious, sweet tomato juice, which can not only be used in cooking in the cold season, but also just drink with pleasure. During heat treatment, the juice loses some of its nutrients, but most remain in the jar.

In addition, during the preservation of the tomato, no additional preservatives or additives are used. Tomato "The Mystery of Nature" belongs to unpretentious and very fertile species, which, with proper care, give just a huge harvest of tasty and large fruits.

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