Mountain pine "Gnome": rules for planting and caring for a coniferous plant

Mountain pines are becoming more and more popular in landscape design. From dwarf coniferous plants, the variety "Gnome" is chosen. It can be planted alone or used to create a garden arrangement.


  • How to prepare for landing
  • Correct planting of mountain pine
  • Reproduction of pine
  • Pine care: basic activities

How to prepare for landing

The "Gnome" variety of mountain pine is a dwarf coniferous shrub with dense green spherical needles. This decorative species grows slowly and per year the growth is only 7-10 cm. The diameter of the shrub is 1.5-2 meters, and in height it can reach 2.5 meters. The pine needles are dark green, hard and shiny, about 4-5 cm long.

Cones appear only in the second year. They are round and small, not exceeding 4 cm in length. During the flowering period, small cones appear on a thin stalk. Grows well in drained soils.

Mountain pine can be planted in acidic, sandy loam, sandy or rocky soils. As a soil mixture, you can use the following composition: turf, sand and clay in a ratio of 2: 2: 1. Be sure to lay out a drainage layer of about 20 cm on heavy soils. Gravel, sand, etc. can be used as drainage. Planting should be carried out in early May or in the first decade of September.

Correct planting of mountain pine

It is recommended to plant the plant in sunny or semi-shady places. It is important that when planting densely, trees do not block the sunlight. Mountain pine "Gnome" is an unpretentious plant that can grow well in urban conditions, if properly cared for.

The seedlings should be 3-5 years old. Younger plants may not take root. Before planting a mountain pine, it is necessary to prepare a hole about a meter deep. If you plan to plant seedlings as a hedge, then dig a trench. The pit for planting a coniferous plant should be larger than the root system. A drainage layer in the form of broken bricks or pebbles is laid on the bottom, and a layer of sand on top.

It is necessary to add humus or nitroammophos to the planting pit. Next, the pine tree, together with the earthen lump, is lowered into the hole and covered with earth. It should be remembered that the root collar should not be covered with earth. The correct landing is that the root collar is located on the surface of the ground.

During planting, the distance between conifers should be taken into account. The gap between dwarf plants should be 1.5 meters. At the final stage, compact the earth around the trunk and spill water.

Reproduction of pine

Mountain pine can be propagated by seed. After pollination after 2 years, they become mature. The optimal sowing time is the beginning of spring. Previously, the seed must be immersed in water for two days to soak. Next, add sandy loam soil, vermiculite to the container and mix. The soil mixture must be disinfected before planting. For this purpose, Fundazol, Fitosporin, etc. are used.

1-2 seeds are immersed in the pot, slightly deepening into the soil. Planting directly in open ground is recommended next spring. Mountain pine can be propagated by cuttings. This method is used in greenhouse conditions. Cuttings are taken from adult plants. A favorable time for this procedure is April. It is during this period that the kidneys actively swell. It is advisable to carry out cuttings in cloudy and rainy weather, in the morning.

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Use a pruning shear to cut off the stalk from the mother tree. Its size should be about 7-10 cm. Then put it in water and add Zircon or Epin extra. This will protect the cuttings from possible rotting. To root the cuttings, you need to prepare the soil well. Crushed stone and small stones are used as a drainage layer, and sprinkled with river sand on top. Fertilizers are not used, but they are sprayed with special agents to activate rooting. The root system will develop within 2-5 months.

Pine care: basic activities

Fertilizers should be applied in the first two seasons of life. It is advisable to use mineral fertilizers. 35-45 g of the substance will be enough per square meter of the site. It is periodically necessary to moisturize the plants with growth stimulants. In dry weather, mountain pine does not need additional watering. The coniferous plant has a thick litter of needles, which helps to retain moisture in the soil for a long time.

Water should be watered 3-4 times during the season. One tree will need about 10-20 liters of water. The soil should be loosened if it is highly compacted. To form the correct crown, it is recommended to do a pinch every year. All tiers of branches do not need to be removed immediately. Pine pruning is performed during the formation of young growths, the so-called candles.

To restrain the growth rate and give it a spherical shape, the increments are not completely removed, but shortened. This procedure is performed at different lengths from 2 to 7 cm. Low pruning promotes the appearance of small branched branches. It should be remembered that it is impossible to prune very low, as this can provoke deformation of the growth of the kidneys and stop development.

Young plants must be protected from frost for the winter. For this purpose, you can use spruce branches, non-woven fabric, burlap. With the onset of warm spring days, when the soil has thawed, you can remove the shelter. Mountain pine is perfect for creating an alpine slide, mixborder or stone garden.

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