Tomatoes: early varieties for open ground and care for them

Tomatoes: early varieties for open ground and care for them

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Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetable crops. Bolotov introduced the seedling method of growing tomatoes in a temperate climate.

He also applied ripening to tomatoes shot in green. Only after that, tomatoes began to be grown for the use of their fruits for food. Currently, there are hundreds of varieties recommended for cultivation in a particular region. Consider tomatoes, the early varieties of which are the best, and find out the main features of their cultivation in the open field.


  • Basic rules for growing early tomatoes
  • Early determinant tomato varieties
  • Early varieties of tomatoes with unlimited growth

Basic rules for growing early tomatoes

Due to the development of greenhouses, tomatoes are available in the retail network all year round. However, nothing can replace the first ripe tomato from your own plot. Here breeders come to the aid of gardeners. The list of early tomato varieties is updated annually. This group includes all varieties whose fruits ripen in less than a hundred days. The countdown goes from the emergence of seedlings to the ripening of fruits.

If you sow the seeds of early tomatoes directly into the ground, then you will have to harvest in August and it is unlikely that it falls under the definition of early. Therefore, early varieties in temperate climates are most often grown through seedlings. The timing of its sowing is determined depending on the climatic and weather conditions of the region.

If you adhere to general recommendations, then the best time to sow early tomato seeds for seedlings is in mid-March and lasts until mid-April.

Such seedlings will not need additional lighting and will be ready for open field planting in 45-60 days. This usually occurs in mid-May - early June.

The harvest will ripen on early varieties in the last decade of June - the second decade of July. If growing seedlings is not possible for any reason, modern breeding offers varieties that can be sown directly into the ground. All early varieties of tomatoes, like all tomatoes, can be divided into short ones with limited shoot growth and tall ones with unlimited shoot growth.

Early determinant tomato varieties

Popular determinant early tomato varieties include:

  • Iceberg, low-growing variety, shoot height up to 0.4 m
  • Alenka, variety with fruits weighing up to 100 g
  • Amber, variety with yellow fruits
  • Parodist, very early, abundantly fruiting variety
  • Dinar, fruits are small but numerous
  • Sub-Arctic, variety tolerant to lower temperatures

Early tomato variety Sub-Arctic

Tomatoes ripen quickly. Under favorable conditions, tomatoes ripen 85 days after seed germination. The bushes of the variety are no higher than 0.4 - 0.5 m. They do not require regular removal of stepchildren. About 20 - 25 fruits are formed on the bushes. Fruits are leveled in size, weight about 40.0 g. Ripening color is red.

The taste is good. The appointment is universal. Sowing seedlings is best done at the end of March. Landing in the ground - in mid-May. If these terms are observed, the ripening of the crop can be expected by the third decade of June. The variety is also designed for sowing directly into open ground. Sowing time is the beginning of May.

The advantage of the variety is:

  • early maturation
  • not affected by late blight
  • gives a guaranteed harvest even in unfavorable summer
  • can be grown by direct sowing in the ground
  • resistance to low temperatures

The disadvantages of the variety, according to gardeners' reviews, include poor development in hot and dry summers.

Tomato variety Parodist

Very early ripening variety. The crop ripens together in 82 - 86 days. The indisputable advantages of the variety include the ability to form an ovary and produce crops in the most unfavorable summer. The bushes are not tall, not more than half a meter. The fruits are large enough, weighing 150 g. The shape of the tomatoes is round, slightly flattened with pronounced ribbing.

The advantages of the variety include:

  • a friendly return of the harvest in early July
  • resistance to bad weather
  • high yield

No obvious shortcomings have been identified. A variety of salad purposes. A common disadvantage of early varieties with limited growth can be called not too high yield.

Early varieties of tomatoes with unlimited growth

The best early varieties and hybrids of tomatoes with indeterminate growth include:

  • Tyler F 1
  • Sprinter
  • Pink Paradise F 1
  • Rally
  • Pablo

Video about the best varieties of tomatoes for planting in the ground:

Growing tomatoes with unlimited growth requires organizing a garter to supports or growing on trellises. In addition, these varieties need the removal of stepchildren and the formation of bushes in 1 - 3 stems.

Hybrid Pink Paradise F 1

Pink-fruited hybrid of Japanese selection. The plant is distinguished by strong but even growth. It can grow up to 1.8 m in height. Easily forms into one stem. Suitable for growing outdoors or under a light film cover. The crop can be obtained 65 days after planting the seedlings.

This hybrid forms up to 9 fruits on each cluster. Yielding, gives more than 4 kg per bush. Fruits with dense and tasty pulp. The seed chambers are small. Tomatoes are round in shape, with an average weight of 140 - 150 grams, with proper care, yields fruits in 200 g. The skin is pink, with a glossy sheen, firm, but not rough. The fruits do not crack and have an excellent presentation.

The variety can be recommended for cultivation in subsidiary plots for sale to the population. The variety is intended for fresh consumption and for use in cooking. Its fruits are used for making soups, sauces. Fresh juice can be made from these tomatoes. It turns out to be very tasty and thick. The fruits can withstand long distance transportation. Resistant to the main diseases of tomatoes.

Also, the advantages of a hybrid include:

  • undemanding to care
  • cold hardiness
  • great taste

As a disadvantage of the early Pink Paradise F 1 hybrid, one can name:

  • the need to constantly remove stepchildren
  • regular pruning
  • obligatory bush formation

Growing early tomatoes is a necessary and not very difficult matter, especially if you select the best varieties of these early vegetables for the site.



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