The best remedy for wood lice is timely prevention

The best remedy for wood lice is timely prevention

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Before we continue talking about such a creature as wood lice, you need to know what this animal is. Woodlice prefer a nocturnal lifestyle, so they are rarely seen during the day.

During the day, they hide from the sun in the corners of greenhouses, houses, or in pallets of moisture. The color of wood lice is different, they can be gray, black or slightly brownish. In length, this pest reaches from three millimeters to two centimeters. The body of the insect is slightly flattened and has scaly segments that resemble a protective carapace.

Woodlice have seven pairs of paws, a pair for each segment. There are two antennae in front. In case of a premonition of danger, this insect curls up into a ball pretending that it is dead. Individuals of the female sex in the folds of their abdomen bear eggs, in them larvae are deposited and grow, and only after that the small wood louse crawls out.


  • Reasons for the appearance
  • Why are wood lice dangerous?
  • Ways to combat woodlice and prevention

Reasons for the appearance

Woodlice creatures are moisture-loving and love shelter, so the main reason for their appearance is high humidity and the presence of a favorable place for existence. We create secluded and damp places for them ourselves, it can be rotting leaves in a heap next to the garden bed or directly on it. Fruits that have fallen off and are not harvested for a long time create comfortable living conditions for woodlice.

They also live well under long-lying planks or under a cloth or paper soaking on the ground. Sawed branches not removed from the ground. The next shelter for woodlice breeding is compost pits with a temperature inside themselves lower than 49 degrees, as well as nearby garbage pits used to dispose of organic residues.

The humidity of a plot of land rises in the case of abundant watering of plants, the presence of frequent rains (a specific region), insufficient ventilation of greenhouses, the presence of an abundant amount of weed, features of the soil (weeping layers).

Why are wood lice dangerous?

The danger of woodlice arises in the event of their increased reproduction. If their number is minimal, then they do not cause significant harm, since they feed on organic matter rotting on the ground. However, in favorable conditions for life, they actively begin to multiply, and since they need to eat, healthy plants are included in their diet.

Woodlice begin to gnaw through the leaves, there are roots and seedlings. In addition, their livelihoods lead to soil compaction. In the case of soil compaction, the access of oxygen to the roots of plants decreases and the death of various plants planted on the site occurs.

Ways to combat woodlice and prevention

In order to get rid of these insects in the soil, you can use both chemical preparations and folk remedies. It is easiest for woodlice to damage a young plant, which still has delicate leaves. To prevent this, you need to sprinkle metholdehyde granules between the beds or spray the leaves with fosolan (you can use other means that have a contact-intestinal effect).

For example, the following means are used to cultivate the land: "Mesurol", "Thunder", "Aktara". You can take the following measures of struggle, put boards with wet rags wound on them between the rows, woodlice will begin to hide under them in the morning, at this moment they can be collected in a rag.

Woodlice control with birch brooms

Put birch brooms at night in places where woodlice accumulate. During the night they will move into the leaves, in the morning these brooms with wood lice need to be burned or simply shaken off the wood lice from the brooms into the fire. This action must be done for several days in a row.

According to the reviews of summer residents, it is better to fight woodlice with chemicals, since it takes less time, however, using traditional methods, you can also achieve successful results, in addition, such methods are not toxic. You can use a solution of prepared and hot red pepper, tobacco, soda ash.

All of the listed ingredients are mixed in equal amounts with water. Approximately for 1 liter of water, 3 grams of each ingredient. Carefully move and spray the places where woodlice accumulate. Perhaps in this case, one more processing is required. However, in order not to deal with wood lice, it is best to eliminate the causes of the appearance.

To do this, regulate the amount and time of watering, regularly ventilate the greenhouses so that condensation does not collect in them, thin out the beds in time and remove weeds.

In regions of humid climates next to the garden bed, make an outflow for excess moisture. If there is fertile soil, do not apply an excessive amount of weeping fertilizers. We hope that our article helped you familiarize yourself with such pests as woodlice, and you have found for yourself the best method of dealing with them. Thank you for your attention and we are waiting for you more often on our website!

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