Pansies: when to sow pansies for seedlings, planting in the ground, care

Pansies: when to sow pansies for seedlings, planting in the ground, care

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Viola tricolor is better known as pansies or ivan-da-marya. There are both spectacular large-flowered forms and undersized ground cover varieties.

Many gardeners in the spring acquire ready-made pansy seedlings and grow them in an annual form. Next summer, you need to invest in seedlings again. Let's try to figure out how difficult it is to grow tricolor viola and when to sow pansies on seedlings.


  • Timing of sowing seeds for seedlings, preparation of seed material and soil
  • Sowing seeds and first care
  • Outdoor cultivation

Timing of sowing seeds for seedlings, preparation of seed material and soil

Sowing dates

To get plants that bloom in spring and are pleasing to the eye all summer long, pansies in most temperate regions must be grown through seedlings. Sowing dates depend on several reasons, one of them is the purpose of growing pansies.

If the seedlings are needed for implementation, then it is better to sow in January and even at the end of December, then by the spring season you can sell seedlings, which not only gained buds, but also began to bloom. However, in this case, it will be necessary to arrange additional light for the seedlings for several hours a day. If you need flowers for planting in your own garden, then you can start sowing in the third decade of February and continue until the end of March. You can calculate the optimal time for sowing seeds based on climatic conditions.

The reference point for the countdown will be the date of late spring frosts. If, for example, they fell on May 20 last spring, then from this date, you need to subtract 90 days and the landing date is February 20. It is this number that should be guided by when sowing seeds of tricolor viola for seedlings. When sowing in these numbers, the seedlings no longer need additional light. It is important to know that for growing in a two-year form, the seeds of pansies are sown in the summer, in July, directly into the open ground.

Seed preparation for sowing

Pansy seeds do not need special pre-planting preparation. It is important to purchase varietal seeds from trusted garden centers or shops. For several hours before sowing, it is enough to soak them in a solution of citron or other stimulant.

Soil preparation

If a modest amount of seeds is intended for cultivation, then they can be sown in wet peat tablets or in ready-made soil for violets. If there are a lot of seeds, then the purchase of tablets and soil will require significant amounts.

Video about the proper care and reproduction of viola (pansies):

In this case, in the fall, it is better to prepare leafy soil and rotted compost. Mix these ingredients in equal proportions and fill the planting pots or boxes a day before sowing and moisten the soil well. The next day after that, you can sow the viola.

Sowing seeds and first care

Sowing methods:

  1. the easiest way is to spread the seeds on top of the soil and put them in a dark place at a temperature of +20 +22. Cover the planting with foil and remove it for 10 minutes every day.
  2. you can sow viola with embedding in the ground. With this method, the seeds are laid out in grooves about 0.5 cm deep. The distance between the grooves is 1.0-2.0 cm. The same gap is between the seeds. A dark place is not needed here. Also, the crops are covered with foil with mandatory ventilation.

If the sowing was made with high-quality seeds that have not expired, then after 1-2 weeks the seedlings will sprout. Sometimes, depending on the variety or on the quality of the seeds, germination can take 3-4 weeks.

First departure

Boxes with green shoots are placed on a lighted window. For this, southwest or southeast windows are best suited. In the first seven days, the seedlings are accustomed to indoor air and lighting. To do this, the period of open stay is lengthened every day. Starting from 10 minutes, by 7-8 days it is brought up to 5-6 hours. Then the film is removed completely. Viola seedlings are strong enough, but they cannot tolerate the drying out of the soil.

But this does not mean that plants need to be filled with water. Watering is carried out when the top layer dries. If the seedlings are planted often, then when 2-3 true leaves appear, they dive into separate containers.

If the distance is 2 cm or more, cultivation can be carried out in a shared container. When picking young plants, you can deepen the seedlings to the cotyledon leaves. This will prevent the stem from falling over and damaging. As soon as there are six leaves on young violets, pinch the central stem. This will help the pansies to form a lush bush. Before planting in the ground, harden in the open air.

Outdoor cultivation

Lighting and soil

Pansies can grow both in a fairly shady place and in the sun. Viola will feel best where the sun will only illuminate the flowers for part of the day. In direct sun, the flowering of pansies may stop ahead of time. They will fade by mid-summer.

In addition, a plot is needed with good fertile land, especially for varietal and hybrid plants. The poorer the land, the worse the varietal qualities are manifested, the flowers turn pale and shallow. When transplanting into the ground, there should be at least 10 cm between the plants. Further grooming depends on watering and dressing.

Watering and feeding

Viola is very responsive to watering. In hot summers, it can be watered daily with a moderate amount of water. Immediately after watering, the land around the bush is mulched. When watering, you need to focus on the drying of the top layer. If it is wet, then the plant should not be watered, otherwise an excess of water will lead to decay of the root system.

To keep the flowers bright, pansies need to be fed regularly immediately after rooting. This will happen approximately two weeks after disembarkation. You can apply fertilizer at the same time as watering. For these purposes, any complex fertilizer is suitable, for example, kemira.

To prolong the flowering of pansies, you need to try to regularly pinch off flowers that have already faded. If, to the best of his ability, the gardener fulfilled the simple requirements, then a bright viola carpet will delight the eye until frost.

Watch the video: How to Grow Pansy and Viola Flowers from Seeds UPDATED - Planting Pansies from Seed (July 2022).


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