Characteristics and cultivation of German cucumbers, how to buy German seeds

Characteristics and cultivation of German cucumbers, how to buy German seeds

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Cucumbers are one of the most popular vegetable crops. They can be safely included in the top three, along with potatoes and cabbage. Cucumbers are grown both on an industrial scale in open and closed ground, and in private gardens.

The number of modern varieties is difficult to count. But first, let's try to understand the basic terms and characteristics of cucumbers.


  • What are the cucumbers
  • Characteristics of Herman cucumbers
  • Growing Herman cucumbers from seeds
  • How to care for Herman cucumber

What are the cucumbers

All cucumbers are thermophilic crops. Their main growth, flowering and the appearance of the ovary begins at temperatures above + 15 +18 degrees. Cucumbers are one of the few crops whose fruits are usually picked unripe. Cucumber varieties and hybrids can be divided into:

  • early, harvesting is possible after 40 - 45 days
  • medium, harvest after 50 days
  • late, harvest after 50 days

Cucumbers are consumed both fresh and canned. For fresh consumption, varieties with fruits of the following sizes are suitable:

  • the first group - length up to 11 cm, diameter no more than 5 cm
  • the second group - length up to 14 cm, diameter 5.5 cm
  • the third group - long-fruited, length up to 25 cm, diameter 5.5 cm

For canning, cucumbers with dense pulp, without a cavity inside, seeds with a soft shell are more suitable. Cucumbers for harvesting for future use in salted and canned form can be divided by length:

  • pickles - length from 3 cm to 5 cm
  • gherkins - of the first group from 5 cm to 7 cm, the second from 7 cm to 9 cm
  • zelentsy - up to 11 cm

A good harvest depends on how many cucumber flowers have been pollinated. It is important to know that there are varieties according to the method of pollination:

  • self-pollinating or parthenocarpic
  • pollinated by bees

Most varieties of cucumbers, especially of the old selection, are distinguished by long shoots, the length of which requires garters on trellises. Such varieties are called indeterminate. However, now there are a lot of new varieties and hybrids with limited shoot growth, such varieties are called determinant, they are most often grown in bush form.

The length of the shoots is from 50 cm to 100 cm. The yield of such varieties is more amicable, and the shoots are less damaged. Cucumber fruits can have a bitter taste, especially when there is a lack of moisture, so it is advisable to focus on varieties without bitterness. In addition, when choosing a variety, it matters:

  • yield
  • disease resistance
  • adaptability to climate and weather
  • taste
  • skin thickness

Going to the garden center for seeds, it is advisable to remember these few characteristics in order to choose the most delicious and correct cucumbers. Perhaps the seeds of Herman cucumbers fall under these characteristics.

Characteristics of Herman cucumbers

Cucumbers Herman is a hybrid of F 1. Early maturity is one of the main positive aspects. Already 35 - 37 days after the emergence of mass shoots, you can see the first cucumbers. The mass appearance of cucumbers is observed at 40 - 45 days. Unlike many early varieties, it differs in yield. The ovary of german cucumbers is laid in bunches.

One bunch can contain up to 9 cucumbers. Up to 9 kg of cucumbers can be harvested from one square meter, of which only 3-4% will be rejected. About 95% of the crop comes out with high commercial qualities. The cucumbers are even, of the same size. The hybrid is ideal for growing:

  • in greenhouses
  • under temporary cover
  • in the open field

Given that the variety is parthenocarpic, cultivation in a greenhouse does not require the presence of bees or bumblebees. A variety with indeterminate shoots, when grown on a trellis, their length can be up to 4 m. Leaves are of the usual form for culture, medium size. The color of the leaf plate is green or dark green. Fruits of a gherkin type, dark green with white tubercles. The length of the cucumbers is on average 9 cm, the diameter is 2.5 - 2.9 cm. The taste qualities of the Herman hybrid cucumbers are very high, there is no bitterness.

Separately, it should be said about the plant's resistance to diseases of cucumbers:

  • powdery mildew
  • cladospornosis
  • mosaic

The hybrid can be recommended for growing not only in private backyards, but also for small-scale production both in greenhouses and in open ground in small farms for sale to the population. This is due not only to the excellent presentation and high yield, but also to the ability to grow in small winter greenhouses and with good transportability. The general principles of growing Herman cucumbers are similar to the cultivation of other early hybrids, but have some peculiarities.

Growing Herman cucumbers from seeds

The main seller of German hybrid seeds is the Dutch company Siminis. Before being sold, the seeds are pre-treated with a substance called tiram, which protects them from diseases and improves germination. When processed since 2005, the seeds are covered with a protective green crust. It is not necessary to soak and rinse the seeds of the Herman variety.

It is important to know that if the seeds are of a natural color, then this is most likely a falsification and waiting for varietal characteristics in such cucumbers is a hopeless business.

When choosing seeds from sellers, you need to know that genuine seeds of the German hybrid have a fairly high cost, with bulk purchases it is about a ruble per seed, when purchased at retail it is already 2.5 - 3 rubles per seed.
There are two ways to grow cucumbers:

  • through seedlings
  • sowing in the ground

When growing seedlings, it is better to use individual cups or pots. Place 1 seed in each. You can, of course, and two, but given that the germination rate reaches 95% and the high cost of seeds, it is not always advisable to do this. When transplanting to a garden bed, you need to try to plant seedlings without destroying the earthen coma, at the age of about 21-25 days, in the presence of 4-5 true leaves.

The term of sowing seeds of the German cucumber hybrid in open ground is related to the temperature of the soil. It is important that it is not below +8 degrees at night, and warms up in the sun up to +15 during the day. The plant tolerates a short-term drop in temperature normally, but with prolonged low values, the entire bush may die.

You can sow seeds both in the holes and in the grooves, having previously put rotted humus and a mineral mixture in them, this will have a positive effect on the yield. After that, the grooves must be shed with water and only after that sowing is carried out. Covering with soil should not exceed 15 mm. From above, the cucumber bed can be mulched with humus or rotted manure and covered with a film or any covering material.

How to care for Herman cucumber

Given that the shoots are powerful enough, it is better to grow the hybrid in one stem. For this, the plant is formed as follows:

  • from the axils of 1, 2, 3,4 leaves, you need to remove the entire ovary, this will give time for the formation and strengthening of the root system
  • only one ovary should be left in the axils of the fifth and sixth leaves, the shoots are removed
  • in the axils from the seventh to the tenth leaf, no more than two ovaries are left, the shoots are removed
  • when the stem reaches the desired height of 1.0 m - 1.5 m, pinch its top

In addition to being placed vertically on a trellis, shoots can be launched horizontally.
Further care comes down to regular watering. Its frequency is once every 2-3 days, the portion of water for one irrigation should not be too large. When the first cucumbers appear, it is important to know that even if you do not remove them from the bush in time, they are unlikely to grow more than 12 - 15 cm. The fruits of the variety are crispy, with a bright cucumber taste and smell. The purpose is universal.

Video about growing and cultivating cucumbers Herman:

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